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My RB Project, going all in!

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My RB Project, going all in!

Was going to wait till we actually start building the engine but I ran out of patience, waiting on parts to arrive can be such a bitch!

So to keep it short, got bored of the VQ and its slush box, the engine's compression is too high to boost reliably without selling a kidney, and on top of all, the VVEL will forever be a bottle neck on this engine. Solution: RB swap

Picked up an RB30E bottom end, cast iron block, long stroke, with enough torque to move the G around, mated to an RB26 twin cam head (lowers the compression to 8.4:1) and an RB25 gearbox since I will be keeping her a RWD.

To this point, we got the following:

RB26 head & RB30 block, waiting on head bolts, gaskets and cam belts
Name:  RB2630.jpg
Views: 666
Size:  101.0 KB

RB25 Pull Type gearbox

A snail crawling around in my living room...

Name:  IMG-20121116-00312.jpg
Views: 544
Size:  56.6 KB

RB26 Intake Manifold
Name:  IMG-20121119-00319.jpg
Views: 577
Size:  62.2 KB

RB26 Exhaust Manifold
Name:  IMG-20121119-00321.jpg
Views: 788
Size:  111.2 KB

VH45DE 90mm throttle body, mechanical throttle FTW!
Name:  IMG-20121119-00322.jpg
Views: 562
Size:  87.2 KB

Update: 26-11-2012

Gasket kit, head bolts and tensioner kit have arrived and have been dropped off at the shop. Aiming to start stripping down the G on Saturday!

Name:  IMG-20121126-00343.jpg
Views: 554
Size:  109.1 KB

The manifolds were just held against the head to measure clearances from wheel well, we may have to re-route the wastegate pipe.

Name:  IMG-20121126-00341.jpg
Views: 544
Size:  104.9 KB

Intake side should not be a problem

Name:  IMG-20121126-00342.jpg
Views: 644
Size:  109.7 KB

Update 28-11-2012:

The head has been sent for porting, polishing and final prep work before getting fitted back in. The block is getting painted and drilled for the tensioner.

In the meantime, this showed up at work today:

Name:  IMG-20121128-00346.jpg
Views: 551
Size:  120.0 KB

3.5" intercooler and an Oil Catch Can.

Update 03-12-2012:

Engine and head are finally ready! Car has been dropped off today to begin surgery. Here's what all the head covers and pulleys look like so far

Name:  DSCN0453.jpg
Views: 541
Size:  85.1 KB

Update 06-12-2012

Engine test fitting began and it is looking great so far!

Name:  DSCN0456.jpg
Views: 553
Size:  124.8 KB

Name:  DSCN0457.jpg
Views: 619
Size:  121.1 KB

The intake manifold inlet will he have to be slightly modified to fit the throttle body due to limited space

Name:  DSCN0458.jpg
Views: 534
Size:  49.7 KB

The turbo side however is a tight fit

Name:  DSCN0459.jpg
Views: 535
Size:  104.4 KB

Name:  DSCN0460.jpg
Views: 533
Size:  82.8 KB

The wastegate pipe is a little too close for comfort too, may have to be modified as well. No so sure yet. It is looking great so far!

Update 08-12-2012:

The following pictures will not be easy for the weak-hearted

Doesn't that shifter look like it just belongs there?

Name:  DSCN0503.jpg
Views: 534
Size:  90.9 KB

Name:  DSCN0504.jpg
Views: 565
Size:  59.3 KB

Well it wasn't work of magic though, the transmission will have to be pushed around 26mm away from the engine to get the shifter position where it belongs. A spacer will be made to sit between the engine and transmission housing. The flywheel will also have to be pushed by that same amount. You can see the tiny spacers currently being tested.

Name:  DSCN0513.jpg
Views: 575
Size:  86.3 KB

Name:  DSCN0514.jpg
Views: 547
Size:  90.5 KB

Since the transmission's cross member will be slightly relocated, some new holes had to be made

Name:  DSCN0515.jpg
Views: 535
Size:  65.7 KB

The crank case also wanted a share of the action, it wouldn't fit properly around the engine's cross member so it had to be modified. The mechanic suggested he will be test fitting an RB25 crank case as it may be easier to work with, let's see how that goes.

Name:  DSCN0506.jpg
Views: 578
Size:  103.9 KB

Name:  DSCN0507.jpg
Views: 558
Size:  114.2 KB

Transmission alignment in progress

Name:  DSCN0508.jpg
Views: 570
Size:  81.3 KB

The wastegate pipe continues to pester around, this time around the steering column. The mechanic says the engine is not 100% aligned yet, once done it will move further away from the steering column.

Name:  DSCN0512.jpg
Views: 542
Size:  50.1 KB

Update 10-12-2012:

Great news! The shop is done with the engine and transmission alignment and I couldn't be happier. The shifter now sits 100% OEM and the best part, I won't even have to modify my center console for it.

Shifter in Neutral

Name:  IMG-20121210-00361.jpg
Views: 555
Size:  108.7 KB

Shifter in Third

Shifter in Reverse! Look at that clearance!

Name:  IMG-20121210-00364.jpg
Views: 553
Size:  107.4 KB

Shifter in Fourth

Name:  IMG-20121210-00365.jpg
Views: 528
Size:  90.2 KB

Engine mounts have been spot welded today, everything is looking perfect. Tomorrow they'll get welded and finished to look 100% OEM

Name:  IMG-20121210-00367.jpg
Views: 552
Size:  74.3 KB

Name:  IMG-20121210-00368.jpg
Views: 535
Size:  86.1 KB

The Transmission spacer is also ready, 26mm thickness

Name:  IMG-20121210-00370.jpg
Views: 555
Size:  117.3 KB

Here it is with the OEM flywheel for your reference

Name:  IMG-20121210-00371.jpg
Views: 541
Size:  109.8 KB

Turbo fitment is still tight especially on the turbine side. That line will have to be relocated for sure.

Name:  IMG-20121210-00372.jpg
Views: 558
Size:  81.6 KB

And finally, the finalized engine position. Gotta love that RB tilt!

Name:  IMG-20121210-00373.jpg
Views: 747
Size:  134.8 KB

Update 13-12-2012:

Intercooler mounting in progress

Name:  IMG-20121213-00379.jpg
Views: 533
Size:  140.2 KB

Bumper bracket modification in progress

Name:  IMG-20121213-00380.jpg
Views: 542
Size:  102.1 KB

Name:  IMG-20121213-00381.jpg
Views: 551
Size:  133.3 KB

Intake manifold inlet customzed for better throttle body fitment

Name:  IMG-20121213-00382.jpg
Views: 572
Size:  121.6 KB

Still not sure what I'm going to be doing with this SOB.. would hammering the body out a few mm's hurt so much?

Name:  IMG-20121213-00383.jpg
Views: 544
Size:  98.2 KB

And finally some beauty shots by Docaam

Name:  IMG_4150.jpg
Views: 572
Size:  230.0 KB
Name:  IMG_4153.jpg
Views: 553
Size:  183.5 KB
Name:  IMG_4166.jpg
Views: 716
Size:  162.3 KB

Update 15-12-2012:

Throttle body install.. check

Name:  20121215_192150.jpg
Views: 545
Size:  79.4 KB

Intercooler install.. check

Name:  20121215_192201.jpg
Views: 553
Size:  109.8 KB

Bumper bracket fitment, triple check!

Name:  20121215_192209.jpg
Views: 551
Size:  110.5 KB

Name:  20121215_192214.jpg
Views: 538
Size:  101.5 KB

Name:  20121215_192217.jpg
Views: 565
Size:  107.1 KB

Looks like Santa's here early.. Spec stage 5 clutch and Aluminum Flywheel

Name:  20121215_192448.jpg
Views: 542
Size:  127.6 KB

BC Racing Coils!

Name:  20121215_192801.jpg
Views: 552
Size:  117.5 KB

Update 17-12-2012:

More toys have come in!! Looks like I've been a very good boy this year

Name:  20121217_201637.jpg
Views: 541
Size:  153.4 KB

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Black Betty (05-20-2013)
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Update 20-12-2012:

Awww dayum look what showed up!

Name:  20121220_084552.jpg
Views: 495
Size:  77.1 KB

Engine bay blasted and cleaned with every detergent on the planet! Haven't seen it this clean in 5 years haha

Name:  20121220_191333.jpg
Views: 564
Size:  103.6 KB

Engine and transmission mounts, welded and painted ready to go back in

Name:  20121220_191411.jpg
Views: 518
Size:  104.4 KB

Poor crankcase was cut and welded 270 times before they got it perfect. Will be prepped and painted to look OEM again.

Name:  20121220_191429.jpg
Views: 524
Size:  105.3 KB

Oil temperature sensor thread

Name:  20121220_191448.jpg
Views: 522
Size:  93.7 KB

Transmission spacer surfaced and painted to match the engine block. Stealth mode baby!

Eibach fronts without the engine & transmission for those wondering

Name:  20121220_192110.jpg
Views: 509
Size:  103.6 KB

Update 23-12-2012:

Everything has been bolted together and should be going in today!

Transmission spacer installed, clutch and flywheel are in too!

Name:  DSCN0519.jpg
Views: 536
Size:  126.2 KB

Wastegate flange welded

Name:  DSCN0520.jpg
Views: 508
Size:  114.1 KB

Transmission mount spacer, OEM style baby!

Name:  DSCN0521.jpg
Views: 608
Size:  150.3 KB

Pics of the crankcase

Name:  DSCN0525.jpg
Views: 513
Size:  147.6 KB

Name:  DSCN0526.jpg
Views: 529
Size:  151.9 KB

Name:  DSCN0527.jpg
Views: 502
Size:  161.5 KB

Name:  DSCN0528.jpg
Views: 504
Size:  127.0 KB

Crank case painted, oil cooler/filter relocation in place

Name:  DSCN0529.jpg
Views: 507
Size:  115.4 KB

Name:  DSCN0530.jpg
Views: 519
Size:  147.4 KB

Now here's the horrible part.. there was a major communication issue over the phone about what I wanted to paint my intake manifold.. here's how it came out

Name:  DSCN0531.jpg
Views: 510
Size:  86.1 KB

Update 24-12-2012:

Engine & Transmission are in! That purple manifold is slowly growing on me to be honest. What do you think?

Engine mounts looking good

Name:  DSCN0534.jpg
Views: 607
Size:  148.7 KB

Just can't get enough of this engine

Name:  DSCN0535.jpg
Views: 513
Size:  142.3 KB

Aftermarket swaybars shouldn't be a problem I guess

Name:  DSCN0537.jpg
Views: 521
Size:  153.8 KB

Update 26-12-2012:

Intercooler piping check!

Name:  IMG-20121227-WA0000.jpg
Views: 485
Size:  62.6 KB

Keeps getting tighter! (that's what she said)

Name:  IMG-20121227-WA0001.jpg
Views: 497
Size:  59.2 KB

Name:  IMG-20121227-WA0002.jpg
Views: 504
Size:  66.2 KB

Tomei fuel rail and ID injectors are in place

Name:  IMG-20121227-WA0003.jpg
Views: 493
Size:  62.4 KB

Turbo oil feed

Name:  IMG-20121227-WA0004.jpg
Views: 497
Size:  53.6 KB

Update 28-12-2012:

OEM foot e-brake out, R33 clutch pedal to replace it. I'm going to the scrap yard tomorrow to try and find a G37/370Z clutch pedal as it would hopefully be a direct swap.

Name:  DSCN0539.jpg
Views: 515
Size:  156.0 KB

Tial BOV..

Name:  DSCN0540.jpg
Views: 514
Size:  147.0 KB

Intercooler piping almost done

Name:  DSCN0544.jpg
Views: 518
Size:  122.5 KB

Turbo clearance "slightly" better

Name:  DSCN0545.jpg
Views: 516
Size:  117.4 KB

Power steering pump pulley is too close to the radiator fans, the mechanic is thinking of throwing in a small spacer to push it further out

Name:  DSCN0547.jpg
Views: 516
Size:  95.0 KB

Name:  DSCN0546.jpg
Views: 515
Size:  117.6 KB

Fuel rail with the injectors in

Name:  DSCN0548.jpg
Views: 539
Size:  148.2 KB

Cam angle sensor

Name:  DSCN0549.jpg
Views: 654
Size:  90.0 KB

Thread made for water temp sensor

Name:  DSCN0550.jpg
Views: 490
Size:  67.9 KB

Hmmm... which wastegate spring to go for..

Name:  DSCN0551.jpg
Views: 499
Size:  113.1 KB

Name:  DSCN0552.jpg
Views: 493
Size:  166.4 KB

Driveshaft customization done!

Name:  DSCN0555.jpg
Views: 542
Size:  60.8 KB

Transmission spacer

Name:  DSCN0556.jpg
Views: 542
Size:  94.3 KB

We're getting somewhere!

Name:  gettingsomwhere-1.jpg
Views: 517
Size:  125.8 KB

Update 30-12-2012:

Oil filter relocator, check!

Name:  IMG-20121230-WA0003.jpg
Views: 514
Size:  57.6 KB

Aeromotive Fuel Regulator.. check!

Name:  IMG-20121230-WA0005.jpg
Views: 513
Size:  57.0 KB

Some more holes had to be made..

Name:  IMG-20121230-WA0007.jpg
Views: 480
Size:  50.5 KB

For the clutch master cylinder, can't get more JDM yo!

Name:  IMG-20121230-WA0006.jpg
Views: 469
Size:  53.4 KB

Update 31-12-2012

My shift **** is here

Name:  DSCN0565_zpscdb8de74.jpg
Views: 469
Size:  107.4 KB

That sway bar is a little too close to what looks like an idler pulley, wonder if it can be relocated. Bummer I was hoping to go with thicker sways.

Name:  DSCN0564_zpsc9f3f086.jpg
Views: 479
Size:  135.0 KB

Customized adapter for the clutch pedal

Name:  DSCN0563_zpscc1a79b9.jpg
Views: 473
Size:  105.4 KB

And another one for the accelerator

Name:  DSCN0562_zpse4d722ec.jpg
Views: 474
Size:  143.9 KB

Here's what it all looks like, will have to get the clutch pedal aligned later on!

Update 08-01-2012:

Great news! The car was started to check for leaks, minor leak in the turbo oil feed was fixed and MAN did it sound like a monster. Stay tuned for video's If everything goes as planned she should be going for ECU wiring & exhaust fabrication tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Here are some pics for now.

Oil cooler is in

Name:  DSCN0573-1.jpg
Views: 471
Size:  110.6 KB

OEM wiring with ignition system

Name:  DSCN0574.jpg
Views: 468
Size:  129.9 KB

Pedals are in and functioning properly!

Name:  DSCN0579.jpg
Views: 468
Size:  138.5 KB

Close up on the accelerator pedal, was a b!tch to get right the mechanic tells me

Name:  DSCN0581.jpg
Views: 476
Size:  162.7 KB

Update 15-01-2013:

Wiring progress pics, not for the weak hearted lol

Name:  20130115_192928_zpsb227ea99.jpg
Views: 471
Size:  114.4 KB

Name:  20130115_192920_zps0ff60ebc.jpg
Views: 477
Size:  105.3 KB

Name:  20130115_192612_zps0df05230.jpg
Views: 470
Size:  92.6 KB

Update 15-11-2014:

She put down 485whp @ 0.9bar (low boost setting) and 615whp @ 1.6 bar (high boost setting). The car actually saw 1.7 bar when I datalogged it on the street. NOT COMPLAINING

Here's a screenshot of the High boost run. Was too excited to adjust the Torque Axes Scale but you get the picture.

Name:  Hiboost_zps9ae793ac.png
Views: 466
Size:  41.8 KB

I got too excited on the road and with all the boost the charge pipe eventually came off, thinking of just welding that fcker in:

Name:  20141115_223446_zpsf33cda3e.jpg
Views: 471
Size:  76.1 KB

And here's a video of me pretending like I knew what I was doing haha

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fmrlegend (01-21-2015)
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This is going into the g I assume?

Regardless, in for updates and baddassery
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Now this is real "work"... In for updates of your project! Good luck!
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Thanks guys, yes this will all go in the G
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Hi Sam,

I'm pulling up my chair closer for this one. VERY interesting build.

You assume we know what an 'RB30' is. I sure had no clue. Had to google: Wiki Nissan RB engines

What is a 'pull type' gearbox?

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What are your plans for engine/fuel management?
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Originally Posted by SharpByCoop View Post
Hi Sam,

I'm pulling up my chair closer for this one. VERY interesting build.
Coming from you Coop it sure is a compliment! I know my entire table has been pulled close so many times for your thread haha

You assume we know what an 'RB30' is. I sure had no clue. Had to google: Wiki Nissan RB engines
Apologies for that, RB30E's were very common in this part of the world and Australia, came on a few R31 Skylines, Commodores (Australia) and Nissan Patrols. They have longer strokes than an RB26 and an RB25 but don't rev as high. Until I later on invest in one of those bad boys: NITTO RB30 Stroker Kit - 3.2L

What is a 'pull type' gearbox?

It has to do with the clutch engagement mechanism. Older Skylines had Push Type which apparently snapped under aggressive shifting. Here are some gifs to illustrate the difference.

Push Type:
Name:  pushclutch.gif
Views: 474
Size:  221.9 KB

Pull Type:
Name:  pullclutch.gif
Views: 471
Size:  302.6 KB

Originally Posted by ashmostro View Post
What are your plans for engine/fuel management?
Stay tuned for that, don't want to ruin any surprises yet
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Wow, Sam. Very impressed. Props for your commitment. Looking forward to the results...
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Didn't know you had anything like this up your sleeve Sam. Nice. Going old school. I like it. Keep us updated. Are you doing all of this work yourself or having a knowledgable shop do it?
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Thanks Bill, J.

I'd never attempt anything like this myself to be honest, the shop doing this build is specialized in RB and 2J engines, he's done a few swaps on 350Z's before and seemed very confident about pulling this one off. All I'll be doing is lending a hand after work, getting in his way to snap pics and updating this thread

One things for sure, he's as excited as I am about this build!
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Time to update your signature
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Should be a fun little project. In for the build and updates. She will be a blast to drive and solid as a rock
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Wow, this is a first! Awesome build and good luck with it all. The 350s had a little more room to work on, the g35 as well. Coming into this g37 I notice the space is SUPER tight. I hope it fits in with jus light modfcations.
The amount of boost you can run will feel amazing!
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WOW Sam. Good luck man an im all in!! Watching this thread.
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