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Today 11:44 AM

welcome, looks really nice with the mods already done to it.
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Today 11:33 AM

Received this morning: https://cimg7.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.myg37.com-vbulletin/1120x2000/screenshot_20190722_ 112907_gallery_cf93d 787d061e1bd4993ca867 1414e9d432681b1.jpg. ..
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Today 11:07 AM

What size extension did u use
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Today 11:06 AM

You probably don't have to buy a new srs module. You can probably just send it out to a third party company and get it reprogrammed/reset.
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Today 10:59 AM

This just means that they have to put it on a frame machine (bench) and pull the unibody in different directions to straighten it out..the structural reinforcements have to be done at that time or...
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Today 10:48 AM

I have 2 holes in my mat. I'm in California.
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Today 10:42 AM

Thank you! I have a “pseudo-anniversary” edition- my car is a ‘13 xS and these seats were from a 2011 LE that was parted out in Florida.
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Today 10:40 AM

I"ve been trying to scoop one up from the junkyard, They disappear so damn fast lol
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Today 10:28 AM

Anyone have a high-res pic of the BCM and/or IPDM circuit boards? I might be able to discern the sensing chip and then how to disable it. Having to dissipate 40 watts into heat is just silly. I...
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Today 10:15 AM

Driving back to Charleston from south Georgia on I95 yesterday afternoon - saw a black newer G37 sedan, debadged except for the G37Xs badge, and with the all-black grille and tint. Didn't get close...
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Today 09:49 AM

I have the Outcast garage one on there now; came with the coilovers I bought off a member here on the forums. My thin black frame broke after hitting a deer so it was meant to be a place holder but...
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Today 08:27 AM

Yeah after you drain rad first. You can get a rad cap line and pressurize system to push push out and check for leaks too
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Today 08:21 AM

What's your number.
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Today 08:17 AM

Were are you located? And what size?
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Today 08:15 AM

What Autocutter said. It's absolutely true.
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Today 08:13 AM

Sorry I haven't replied to this in a while but just in case someone searches, here's what I found. Went back to the dealership and they said I had the wrong battery. Of course, I thought this...
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Today 07:53 AM

Install your choice of Vibrant resonator. You want to have the shop install them as close to the motor as possible. They should be installed on the Y-pipe either at the flex section after the cats or...
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Today 12:31 AM

Compression tests are run when the engine is warmed up. Cold viscous oil can hide worn rings.
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Today 12:24 AM

Push it?
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Today 12:18 AM

Bought the best color. Welcome.
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