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New IPL G owner from NC

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Originally Posted by r2dmax View Post
Post up some of those meets. I'm coming from the Euro crowd so i only know about DCEC and Cars & Coffee. I heard there's one at UNCC but I would assume I'm a bit old for that one... lol
Yeah, UNCC is alright.... I've only been a hand full of times. After they had a shooting at the last one I haven't been since.

There is Carolina Z day's which is in the mountains. That's super fun (already went by this year)

Soho motorsports will do some events throughout the year.

There is a carolina Z club you can join, which will show you monthly events. They have a CZC Occupy car show going on this weekend 16th & 17th. Soho will be out at this event, you can call them and sign up for $50 dyno's. Here's a link to the car event

There was a huge car show at the carolina Expo (also just passed)

Hope to see ya out there!
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Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I actually have been to the UNCC meet a few times in the past when it was a bit more low key and just college guys hanging out. Its since grown bigger and all sorts of people and rides show up. I am actually a UNCC alumni and am currently going back for my masters in mechanical engineering. Hopefully I'll get to meet some of you guys in the future.
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Where are all these CLT people coming from?! Whoa!

East side I generally see some questionably modded 35s.
South east there are a bunch of modded Gs and Zs (Soho influence).
There is a black IPL sits in one of the uptown garages (I think the driver lives there as I rarely see the car move).

I usually roll around east and south. 0 f**ks given with the roof down.

If there is a meet coming up, I'd love to talk about while my woman is looking at other cars. haha
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