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Review Southbend Stage 3 Clutch Package w/ 19LB Billet Flywheel and Quiet Disc

Drivetrain Reviews of clutches, gear mods, diffs, axles etc..

Review Southbend Stage 3 Clutch Package w/ 19LB Billet Flywheel and Quiet Disc

Old 03-08-2016, 01:34 PM
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Southbend Stage 3 Clutch Package w/ 19LB Billet Flywheel and Quiet Disc

My car: 2008 Infiniti G37S Coupe at 72000-72500 miles
So my clutch was slipping badly for a WHILE and I needed to replace....
After researching for a while I decided to go with this package: http://www.zspeedperformance.com/Sou...3-VHR-PACK.htm
I got it installed last week and I have been driving it for a few days now.

What I ordered:
South Bend Clutch & Flywheel Package Stage 3 Daily from ZSpeed Performance (w all the options) - link above in Background section
- Quiet Disk Option
- Insulated Short Stainless
- Redline MT85 Trans Fluid
- Motul 5.1 Brake Hydralic Fluid
- Southbend 19lb Billet Steel Flywheel
Just in case you didn't know this package includes the ZSpeed Heavy Duty Concentric Slave Cylinder (CSC) and a new OEM Master Cylinder

The Install:
I lucked out and found a local performance shop that did the labor for $350!
The mechanic was experienced with doing clutch jobs on our cars and the first thing he mentioned is that you need to order the CSC from the dealer (he called it a throwout bearing).
So that made me feel pretty comfortable that he knew what he was doing
I told him I believe my kit came w the throw-out bearing -- I confirmed later that he was referring to the CSC (concentric slave cylinder).

First Impressions:
First of all, I can say it's really not that stiff at all.
I was a bit worried about this when making a decision.
I don't forsee any issues in stop-and-go traffic or long drives.
I've seen a lot of people hear complain about the stock clutch pedal and a ton of people have installed the RJM Pedal Assembly.
I don't have the pedal assembly and I have no complaints of comfort or stiffness.
Personally I felt the stock clutch was way too light for this car.

The grab is VERY AGGRESSIVE (not to be confused with stiff).
My mechanic adjusted it so it grabs as soon as you start letting off clutch pedal.
At first I thought engagement point was too low but now I think it's perfect.
It took a quick drive around the block to adjust my driving style to the new setup.

I am very pleased w the performance.
I'm still in the break-in period so I haven't really gotten to see the full potential yet.
I can definitely say it feels like the RPM's are flying up there but I haven't given it full throttle yet and I am shifting at 3K for the time being.
Shifts are smoother than before and the car just responds a whole lot better.

As far as clutch chatter - the only time I hear it is when I come off in first gear with my blend either very quick or very slow (good blend but I think how fast you blend makes a difference). As time goes on I will experiment and give more information.
It's actually a quick metal rattle that lasts about a second and goes away - it's not that loud and it doesn't happen all the time (less than 30-40% of rolling off first gear).
I've already made the tires chirp just coming off first with a super quick blend - AMAZING.
Anyways, I'm sure over time it will be quite possible to eliminate by knowing what triggers it.
If anyone is contemplating getting this package I highly recommend it!

Thanks to Joe at ZSpeed for all his help and the other members here that helped answer my questions.

Just a reminder for anyone doing clutch work...
As mentioned here many times the stock CSC often fails on our cars.
So, if you do clutch work make sure you replace the CSC as well.
The manual even states you should replace it and the master cylinder as well.
So why not just replace it all and save the headache!

I have a pic of the installed clutch and a (side-by-side) comparison of my old clutch to another used clutch.
I'll upload them when I get a chance.

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UPDATE: I this point I can't even remember if there's a difference between stock clutch pedal feel and this Stage 3 Daily.
I had a friend test drive and said it's easier!
I was at like a 1/2 inch engagement point fresh out the shop now I think it's the same in terms of drivability and engagement point.
I'm not sure if I just got used to it enough not to notice or not but if you are on the fence for this Stage 3 Daily -- go for it!!!

Thank you Z-Speed.
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ZSpeedPerformance (01-26-2017)
Old 06-19-2019, 08:22 AM
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I have been all over the forum and other internet resources researching the clutch options. I am in Canada so a bit of a hassle to get the ZSpeed package but I can manage. I have been contemplating the above discussed South Bend Stage 3 + Billet Fly complete package with CMAK:

Could some of more knowledgeable folks guide me how does it compare to "Zspeed Stage 3 Super Street Complete Clutch Flywheel System". This is with a forged steel 18lb Fly:

Another option is to go with Luk dual mass fly and Luk disk and pressure plate with a local performance shop and source the CMAK and 370Z master cylinder myself. The local shop is confident of this Luk setup being the OEM part (or similar too except packaging). This will cost about 1k CAD more than the Southbend or Z Speed stage 3 package.

My driving style is very sppirited . redline every now and then. havent been to the track in two years but of and on hard launches, some doughnuts, some drifting, some fishtailing, some chirping.... love the simplicity of the G.

My ride is 2012 G37s Sedan 6MT with 81.5k km or 50k miles. Bone stock other than an ARK Grip CBE. btw, this particular car was Mark Webbers personal car he drove around in Canada when he was here as the Redbull/Infiniti F1 driver in 2012. Has his autograph on the sunvisor and the build sheet. I bought it as a demo in 2013.
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