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Stoptech Drilled/Slotted w/Hawk HPS 5.0 & Pentosin Super Dot4

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Quick update on this setup: In the midst of rotating tires I was looking at things and with about 20,000 miles on this brake setup I ran into an issue where there Right Rear caliper slides got rusty and kept the pads from moving away from the rotor resulting in wearing the pads down to nearly nothing!

I really liked the bite of the pads however ended up switching all the way around as the dust was pretty significant and that resulted in periodic clogging of the drill holes.

I went with the StopTech Sport Pads. I logged about 15,000 miles with them on and they didnt have near the bite of the Hawk HPS 5.0 but dust was much much better.

Recent inspection of the rotors revealed some slightly uneven wear (right rear b/c of aforementioned issue) the slots had nearly disappeared so I decided it was time to try something different. I will post up a new review of that setup once I have a chance to bed everything in and get a few miles on it.

Teaser: (dba T3 clubspec 4000 slotted rotors - Hawk HPS pads - Goodridge SS lines - Motul 5.1 fluid)
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Wow...DBA rotors. If I tracked my car I would definitely look at DBAs. Looking forward to that review and hopefully pics.
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