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(HELP!!) XXR 521 fitment G37s coupe

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(HELP!!) XXR 521 fitment G37s coupe

So I'm looking Into buying these XXR 521's... but I ran into a problem... they will not clear the sport calipers on the G37. I'm looking to run 20x8.5 up front +32 & 20x10.5 in the rear +30. I called xxr and they said it wouldn't fit. What could I do to make them fit? Need help asap
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Spacers. 8.5 +32 and 10.5 +30 don't really seem that aggressive (although I have a G35 coupe). I have ran all the way up to a 10.5 -5 with no issues in the rear and 10.5 0 upfront.

Your only realistic options are to go with a wider offset or get spacers to clear (maybe 15-20mm)
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Yeah pretty much what Splunk said. Spacers if your dead set on those wheels or choose a different wheel.
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sounds like the front wont clear but the rear would. 15mm spacer up front should get things going and help the wheel look better
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