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05-06-2013 until 06-06-2099
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Private Classified Forum

There's been a rash of posts lately showing that members are either not reading the rules for posting private classifieds, that they're not understanding them, or that they are simply ignoring them. Here's a list of several of the problems that have been repeatedly encountered lately.

  • You may not post a thread to sell items in the Private Classified forum unless you have been a member for at least 10 days and have a post count of 10, if you are a Premier Member, or if you purchase a subscription to the Private Classified forum. Access to Private Classified posting privileges is NOT immediate as soon as you post your 10th post. Wait 24-48 hours after you have made to posts before contacting the staff about not having access.
  • DO NOT spam the forum with multiple consecutive useless posts one after another to try to quickly get to 10 posts. It's not that many posts. Members will report it. Staff will notice it. You will not be granted Private Classified forum access.
  • DO NOT post any FS, WTB, or WTT threads anywhere except in the Private Classified forum.
  • Your location (or location of the item being sold) MUST be listed. Don't make people post to ask you where you are located.
  • You MUST list an asking price for the item, even if it negotiable. OBO is fine, but don't simply put "make offers" or something similar. Take it to eBay.
  • You MUST accurately describe the item and the condition of the item being sold. If an item is not brand new (never used or installed) don't list it as new. "Like new" is more appropriate. If an item is a replica/knockoff of a popular product, don't represent it as authentic. If an item has damage, be forthrght about the nature and degree of the damage. Describe it accurately and show it clearly in the photos.
  • You MUST post at least one photo of the actual item for sale at the time the thread is posted. Threads without photos or with photos not of the actual item for sale (someone else's photo, stock photo, etc.) are subject to be deleted.
  • You may ONLY sell items in the Private Classifieds forum. Nowhere else on the forum unless you are a supporting vendor. You may not start a thread elsewhere to direct members to your classified thread.
  • DO NOT post a listing in the Private Classified forum unless the item is definitely for sale and available. Don't post "feelers" or post that you're thinking about selling but want to gauge interest first. Sell or don't sell - it's that simple.
  • DO NOT post your item for sale in someone else's FS thread.
  • DO NOT pay for goods or services by using a wire transfer or PayPal sent as a gift unless you don't mind losing all of your money and possibly receiving nothing in return with no recourse to get your goods or money. Doing this is stupid. You might as well just flush your money down a toilet or better still, give it to me. The seller has absolutely no legal obligation to ship you anything and you have no recourse to get your money refunded.
  • DO NOT dump on the sale threads of other members. Don't post complaining that their asking price is too high (even if it is), that you also have the same item for sale, that someone/somewhere else has the same item for sale for less, etc. If you are interested in purchasing an item but it's overpriced, PM the seller with an offer. If you are truly trying to be helpful, send them a PM to let them know the problem with their sale. If you are just dumping on their sale, move on without comment.
  • If you are aware of any scam involving a seller or a listing posted in the Private Classified forum, immediately REPORT it to a staff member and let them know the situation so that steps can be taken to protect unsuspecting members when possible. Be detailed and give evidence of your claim.
  • REPORT it to the staff when your item is sold or your Private Classified thread needs to be closed. The best way of doing this is by clicking the "Report Post" button and telling the staff that the thread can now be closed.

The complete rules for selling items in the Private Classified forum are posted in the stickies of that forum. READ THEM HERE before you post if you aren't certain abut anything. Abuses will not be tolerated. Threads not in compliance are subject to editing or deletion. Members who refuse to post within the rules are subject to receiving infractions. If there's anything about this that you don't understand, ask here. Otherwise please read, understand, and comply with the few simple rules in place to protect both buyers and sellers on the forum.

Thanks, and good luck with your sales and purchases.
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