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Our Guidelines

You will find a link to some very lengthy and detailed “terms and conditions” for use of the G35Driver site at the very bottom of each page of the MyG37 site. Those pages contain very officious (and legal) language. However, for everyone’s convenience, the site admins and mods also wanted to call members’ attention to some highlights of those terms in plain language here. Keep in mind that the forums main purpose is to serve as a place for discussion, education, information sharing, humor, and support of those who drive or want to drive G37s. Off-topic forums are also provided for communications not related to G37s. Classified forums are provided for selling cars, parts, and group buys or posting a ‘wanted to buy’.

Here’s a brief summary of the basic guidelines by which the admins and mods run the site and how we deal with guideline infractions. And thanks for your cooperation in keeping the site a terrific place for G37 drivers to talk!

Yeah, we’ve been accused of being “police.” We prefer to think of it as facilitating communication among members to maintain a friendly, welcoming, informative tone on the site. To that end, administrators and moderators reserve the right to remove any post or thread they deem to violate the guidelines. Posts that are “questionable” are temporarily moved and discussed by mods and admins to reach consensus on what to do before taking permanent action. Often the poster is notified by a mod or admin that his/her post/thread has been moved. However in some cases, threads or posts that blatantly exceed the bounds of decency described below may not warrant any notification about being deleted because we figure you should know better. Administrators reserve the right to exercise their discretion in restricting the access of any members that violate the site's rules or guidelines, or whose contributions are deemed inappropriate.

Mods and admins also attempt to answer G37 questions, point members to resources (and other members) to answer their questions, and consider members’ requests for site improvements. Admins spend a lot of time maintaining the site and adding improvements when possible. Please keep in mind that admins and mods are volunteers—it takes time to address member concerns, make site improvements, and keep things up and running as smoothly as possible.

Myg37 welcomes members to sell items that they currently own and have possession of in the Classifieds forum provided that the item(s) is not a resale item. Please do not post a "for sale" message of any type on any forum other than the Classifieds. Moderators will remove for sale posts appearing on other forums than the Classifieds.

We define "not for resale" as meaning that the item(s) is not inventory and you did not purchase the item(s) tax exempt or for the purpose of resale.

You may post Group Buys on the Group Buys and For Sale forum provided

1) You've talked to a supplier and arranged a volume discount on an item
2) Are a registered owner and want to offer this discount to other owners.
3) You are funding the order, collecting the money, and delivering it to the vendor. Drop shipment is fine but you must handle payment directly,
4) You are taking delivery of one of the items yourself and your item is part of the buy,
5) Your profit from organizing the buy is no greater than the cost of one item,
6) The buy is one time only.

We consider multiple units of one item a single item if all of the items are intended for use on a car at the same time. For example, a set of 4 wheels would be considered 1 item; however, 4 exhausts would not.

Violators of these guidelines will (1) have their posts deleted and (2) receive a PM from a mod or admin that states the post or thread has been removed and refers the poster to the guidelines about where to post items for sale and group buys.

Please keep threads/posts civil and respectful—remember there’s a human being on the receiving end of every message. More than 5,000 registered members use this site now—male/female/young/old, and from every walk of life. This doesn’t mean you can’t express your own frustrations about stuff like lousy drivers on the road or tall racing tales, but please try to be sensitive to other people’s feelings.

The G35Driver site has zero tolerance for posts and PMs that contain:
- Racial or sexual slurs
- Obscene language or pictures
- Nude pictures
- Fights and whamo...
- Pics, posts and threats where any Weapon is involved, knife, guns, baseball bat etc.
- Rude/insulting/threatening/abusive/degrading language
- Discrimination on the basis of age, sex, race, culture/ethnicity, religion, type of car (you get the picture)
- Creation of false identity to intentionally misrepresent or mislead other members

MyG37 site also has zero tolerance for posts or PMs that are considered stalking or harassment by any other member.
If any member feels s/he is being subjected to stalking or harassment, s/he should inform a moderator or administrator through a PM. Appropriate and swift action will be taken to investigate and deal appropriately with any person found to be engaging in harassment or stalking. Action may include the following: stern warning to immediately cease the activity; temporarily freezing the user’s account; permanent banning from the site.

Please be mindful about posting topics in their appropriate forums. Keep the sedan general stuff on the Sedan Forum, coupe on Coupe Forum, Wheels/Brakes/Suspension topics on that forum, car wash/wax/detailing topics on the Detailing Forum, etc.

If every forum degenerates into a mixed bag of topics, it creates difficulty for members searching for posts on particular topics because they have to hop from forum to forum to search. It also creates redundant posts across forums. Mods spend some time moving threads to the appropriate forums, but it’s very time consuming and unnecessary if members simply take a moment to make sure they post in the appropriate forum.

-Composed by your moderators and admins of G35Driver.
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