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01-08-2005 until 01-11-2020
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Here at myg37 we like to keep things organized. In order to achieve this, here are some rules to be followed.

1. Any posts pertaining to a specific topic, please post in that section. Any post that is in the wrong section will be moved without notice.

2. Do not post a "for sale" message of any type on any forum other than the Classifieds. Post will be removed without notice.

3. If you have a problem/comment with a dealership, please post in your regional section.

4. If you have a problem/comment with a seller, please post in the Buyer’s Feedback section.

5. We do not promote ANY ILLEGIAL STREET RACING!
If you have a movie of a race on the street or a story of one, do not post it. All post pertaining this topic will be deleted without notice.
If your race was on a track, you may post it.

6. If any member has a problem with another member being racist, disrespectful, or making any of these posts or claims, PM any of the MODS or ADMINS and they will be dealt with and put on a list. Second time around, they will be banned.

7. Before posting, use the search function. We have been online since May 02 and over 10,000 members and most likely that topic has been posted. Any repeated post will be locked without notice.

The Most Important Rule

8. Any post to a thread that involves name calling (regardless of who started it) will result in the members being warned immediately and put on a list with their IP. Second time around, the member will be banned without notice.

9. Don't be a jerk. This is very simple. If your post contributes nothing but negativity, it will most likely be removed. If you are a repeat offender, you will be banned.

As always, we do not tolerate post-whoring. This should be a given, but don't be surprised if your post count is clipped for this activity.


NO personal advertising in your avatars/sigs, unless you are a paid advertiser. This includes personal auctions and parts for sale.
NO profanity, racial slurs, nudity, etc. in avatars/sigs or images
NO links to direct competitors to either this site or its sponsors. Please exercise courtesy to those who work to maintain this site.

Any avatars/signatures that break any of the above rules will be removed without warning. Any signatures that the Administrators or Moderators of this site find offensive, in bad taste, or otherwise objectionable may be removed at their sole discretion.

Signature Allowances:

Registered Members
1 Line of text

Premier Members
4 Lines of text
1 URL link using URL tag
1 Image using IMG tag (234x60 dimensions, max size 21kb) Signature images may be hosted wherever you wish, but cannot be uploaded directly to

4 Lines of text
1 URL link using URL tag
1 Image link, see above stipulations regarding hosting (468x60 dimensions, max size 50kb)

Hopefully, this will resolve all the problems we have.

If you have any comments or you feel that we missed anything regarding any of the rules, please PM me or any of the Administrators and it will be taken it into consideration.

Thanks, have fun and remember don't take it personal.
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