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M56 vs M37

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Originally Posted by RMB5190 View Post
Cling to the road?! The car has the OEM spring rate of a marshmallow and the RSB is pencil thin. That 'grip' is those open diffs slowing you down, not pushing you through the corner. The LSD is hands down the better spirited driving or track set-up. The only time the X will outshine is in bad weather....If the RWD will spin out then the understeer of the X will leave you plowing into oncoming traffic.

Brakes, suspension, tighter steering rack know, stuff that improves handling..that's all. LSDs are better in every single driving scenario except for inclement weather. Even then, skilled driver's prefer the power delivery vs. the power pull. Most people aren't skilled drivers, hence, open differentials...Perhaps you weren't able to use the benefits because your limitations as a driver prohibited it? I don't mean it as an insult but if you didn't recognize the benefits then you simply weren't driving the car anywhere near its capabilities.

My man, you're making the X sound like it's a Evo X AWD monster when it simply isn't. In real world driving, the RWD coupe has the better suspension set-up, rubber, and weight distribution. You can absolutely NOT throw the X into a corner and have it 'take it like a champ' I have done so and it's not a good time. Only after coilovers, and a thicker RSB (ask me what from...) did that car become fun to throw around. Even then, rubber is a limitation. If you're able to spin out with 330HP and a near perfect weight distribution then you need more seat time.

Dude, the X doesn't have the LSDs and that makes all the difference. How are you gonna spit nonsense about how LSDs are inferior or not needed then glaze over the small difference in bold.... I just can't understand why you feel as though open diffs are somehow superior.
I never said the G37X has LSDs. I said the 32 had LSDs with the attesa

Regarding G's: I don’t have an X, but I know an X would annihilate my RWD G in a corner with both Stigs behind the wheel. Just don’t know why you think a little more weight on a car makes it's handling worse. An S won’t make you any faster than a journey or a base, and to add to that an S won’t make you a better driver. An X is just 200 pounds heavier, it's not that big of a difference. I do like how it feels more planted and like it's on rails compared to my RWD model, so you can chuck the X at any corner and it will power through. And at the “more seat time” comment. I mean really? 330 hp is enough to spin out regardless if you’ve got the “seat time.” C’mon man don’t try to make it seem like you’re a Schumacher cause from my view it seems someone’s taking a forum too seriously

Now, back to the topic at hand Yes, an M56 (especially an X) will outperform an M30d, M35h, and M37 by a massive margin, not only on the straight roads that everyone in the US is obsessed about but on windy circuit roads. With the nose heaviness, I don’t feel it. 150lb engine difference, nothing major. I don’t know where everyone is getting how an M37 feels better, it just feels too weak for such a big car as the M in my opinion. One of the main things I feel the VQ37 lacks is torque, whereas the VK56 has a lot of torque to blast the M to Mars. I feel people who say they had to choose between an M56 and M37 and chose the 37 because of the handling are using it as an excuse since they can’t find an M56 or can’t afford one. Someone mentioned that articles said the 3.7 was better handling, my goodness the car reviewers are dumb as hell. Most car reviewers nowadays are schmucks, worrying about infotainment systems and the car’s 0-60. Wouldn’t be surprised they liked the G25 than G37 because of better “weight distribution”

Didn't mean no disrespect, but why are we both arguing on an internet forum? We both agreed the M56 is a better choice We're basically wasting valuable time arguing about weight distribution cause our opinions about weight and suspension are different. I just personally find the S trim for G's a waste of the extra money, except if you're going for the manual transmission. The Journey and X are both stiff enough for me, and I don't think sportier suspension parts will increase my driving skills. But that's just me.

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wannabetoughguy (04-18-2019)
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It's a forum..this is where you do this type of thing. We are debating, hardly arguing and I've enjoyed the back and forth. No feelings hurt here, I'd still shake your hand.


You're contradicting yourself like crazy and making statements about a car's behavior, that you don't own, as though it's a proven truth. In fact, you couldn't be more wrong. I have an X model, and I have 90k miles on that car. I'm by no means a pro driver but I have spent time at Summit (WV) and have EVOC courses under my belt. I believe that elevates my capabilities slightly compared to the average driver. I have a pretty good understanding as to how the X handles and behaves in cornering; both stock and modified. The body roll in them is scary in stock form when you come into a corner too hard. It wasn't until I installed coil overs (on top of the RSB) that I really started to have confidence in pushing it. Even then, I can't wait to see what 255 tires at all four corners will do for it.

The 5.6 is the more unique car and would be a lot of fun with simply an exhaust tweak. The after market is there for the 3.7 but in a car that size, the 5.6 seems more fitting. The 3.7 probably does handle better but the 5.6 would be hard to pass up. I'm sure a lot of guys on this forum would have jumped at the chance to get a 5.6 in their G37 if it was offered; despite any compromises to the handling characteristics.
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End of the day, fixing suspension geometry to make the car handle is going to be easier and cheaper (normally) then switching a 3.7 to a 5.6. Now a 5.6 offered in the G chassis; sign me up.

I personally have liked you twos back and forth. Given me something to read and laugh at during a crap week.
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Glad to be of service.

If I was a relaxed individual who did a lot of highway cruising and was looking for something just to chill and relax in, the 5.6 would be the golden ticket. Knowing that I'm a spaz and can go from enjoying a nice cruise to becoming bored and feel the desire to rip into some back roads, the G37 was a great fit.
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