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Twin Turbo thread Redone: Skyline lineage & Heritage

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Twin Turbo thread Redone: Skyline lineage & Heritage

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A Skyline and a Supra on the Streets of Finland.

uploader description: " movie from 2004 with two really nice cars..."

Totally agree. Both legend cars.

I don't know the specs on these cars, but a G35 is stock NA and a Supra is stock Turbo charged.
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Here are some Skylines with transplanted V8 engines. Instead of going for LS swapped V8's, these drivers decided to keep the engine tech in house with Nissan and go with their VK V8 engines. As mentioned before the VK is the V8 counterpart to the VQ V6, the VK was built with inspiration from the VQ as per wikipedia, hence the engine is native Skyline tech because it draws from the VQ. The VH V8 is the VK's predecessor engine.

Some of the following VK V8's were lifted directly from the Nissan Titan truck and then supercharged. The VK comes in three different displacements: 4.5 L, 5.0 L, and 5.6 L.

The '03-'15 Nissan Titans used the 5.6 L VK56DE V8, while the newer second gen Titans ('16-present) will be using the newer 5.6 L VK56VD V8 as well as another engine through a partnership with Cummins, the 5.0 L Turbo Diesel Cummins V8, which is an American V8.

Supercharged V8 greater than Turbocharged V6??? or like what Smoky Nagata did and twin turbo the V8??

^^^Drift Emporium built

You can hear the whine of the supercharger as it forces air into the VK V8. You can also see an R32 Skyline powered by its RB straight 6 engine take the course after its V35 Skyline successor.

^^^Drift Emporium built

Another supercharged VK V8 Skyline V35:

^^^Drift Emporium built

More Supercharged VK V8 Skylines:

^^^Drift Emporium built

^^^Drift Emporium built, early stages. Source:

Watch out American muscle, the Skylines are going in-house V8. This is the same VK V8 class engine that Top Secret's Smokey Nagata used for twin turbo charging in a previously GT spec naturally aspirated VQ V6 G35 (V35 Skyline). Smokey used the 4.5L VK45DE to twin turbo charge into a GT-R spec powertrain, VK45DETT, creating possibly the only twin turbo V8 powered Skyline GT-R.

Note that Nissan has no special model names for its supercharged vehicles, nor did Nissan/Prince ever supercharge a Skyline from the factory, hence these are still technically GT Skylines for the purposes of this thread.

However, although no specific model names exist for supercharged Skylines or any specific model name for any supercharged Nissan vehicle, the engine code does change and supercharging is reflected with an addition of an "R" to the engine code. Just as turbocharging is denoted with a single "T" and twin turbo charging is reflected with "TT" in the engine code.

Therefore, these supercharged VK engine codes can be represented as VK56DER/VK56DE-R, the "R" indicating supercharging. If they were using a 5.0 L VK variant, the code would be VK50DE-R, etc. Since the VK is an evolution of the VQ, and both use prefix of "V" in their respective engine classes, the V35 chassis code stays the same as well.

The VQ has part of its design elements in two engines: the VK V8 and the VR V6.

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Race, repair, repeat.
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Originally Posted by gill1606 View Post
EDIT: nope can't help myself the "TT" belongs in the engine code for Skylines, not along with the model name. The components of the engine code play a strong correlation with the Skyline's model name. It's a VQ35HRTT powered Skyline which denotes a GT-R spec engine powertrain, hence a Skyline that has GT-R level performance capabilities and hence the model name V36 Skyline GT-R is more applicable, not TT V36, it's a Skyline not an Audi.

Sure there are many other mods to the suspension, aero design, curb weight, and transmission that further impact racing performance, but the primary mod for a GT-R is in the engine bay, all others are secondary mods that further enhance, complement, or mold the delivery of power from the engine on to the road. It takes multiple factors to build a proper racing spec car, but it starts with the engine formula. Contemporary GT-R's (Skyline or not) have all been twin turbo since the 8th generation. Yours also joined the club, you can further enhance the capability of your GT-R spec engine through a plethora of secondary racing modifications. In my opinion this car crossed the threshold from GT to GT-R with the VQ35HR conversion to VQ35HRTT, how much further you take it is up to you.

I'm not saying you can't have racing spec GT Skylines, the first racing Skyline was a Prince factory GT and not a GT-R; you can have racing GT Skylines as well as luxury/sport ones, but the twin turbo in the engine code is absolutely exclusive to the GT-R models, whether that GT-R model is racing spec or built for a luxury/sport specification like the brand new Q60.

Skyline GT-R's were originally designed to be race heavy in focus, but Nissan now has a stand alone non-Skyline GT-R model. This has caused a brand new genre of Skyline GT-R to be formed, one that has a luxury/sport focus instead of a pure racing one, taking the Skyline brand as a whole back to its Prince Sedan luxury roots. This is how cars and brands evolve and devolve over time. The Q60 still contains the GT-R exclusive TT in its engine code (VR30DDTT), and that is an exclusively GT-R specific powertrain since the R32.

Also not to mention the recently released GT-R spec Q50 3.0t and Red Sport 3.0t models as well as the R32 GTS-T GTS-4 & R32 Autech GTS-4 sedans, which were the first Skylines to use the ATTESA ETS AWD.

Sedans Rule.
I'm just now seeing this, thanks for the mention.

The alias change wasn't based on trying to adhere to an engine classification system but was chosen by what I could get on my license plate in Texas combined with available names on social media outlets (IG, Snapchat, Flickr, this forum, etc).

Come 2017 I have some things planned that may change how you classify my motor.

Regardless, have a very Merry Christmas!

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Originally Posted by ttv36 View Post
I'm just now seeing this, thanks for the mention.

The alias change wasn't based on trying to adhere to an engine classification system but was chosen by what I could get on my license plate in Texas combined with available names on social media outlets (IG, Snapchat, Flickr, this forum, etc).

Come 2017 I have some things planned that may change how you classify my motor.

Regardless, have a very Merry Christmas!
Your V36 is already so well built, the powertrain, the racing seats, and other things i don't even know. i wonder what else you could possibly do to improve your engine besides a swap for a factory built unit?? Sounds very intriguing nonetheless. I hope you keep the forums updated.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from my end as well!!
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Supercharged VK56DER V8 V35 Skylines take to the track. From what I can tell both G35's are twins with identical drift spec builds utilizing the VK56 and Stillen Supercharger. The whine of the Supercharger is very characteristic.

*this is held at a track and is not a street race. it is apart of qualifying matches for an official drift racing event, as per the video description.

^^^These are known as the Drift Emporium sponsored and built G35's. I am pretty sure the specs of both the blue and orange Drift Emporium G35's is the same, however i could be wrong. I could not find a website highlighting the specs of the orange G35 drift machine, but I found the specs for the blue one. They should be more or less the same. From

'04 Infiniti G35

BehindTheBuild Head to the message boards at
to chat about this feature Vehicle

Drift Emporium

4 Years

Buford, Georgia

Selling Performance Products For The Track/Drift Crowd

Extreme Sports

Build Time.
Ten Months

[email protected]

"Anything Is Possible."

Output: 455 hp, 470 lb-ft of torque

Engine: '05 Nissan Titan V-8; Jim Wolf custom camshafts, valve springs; Drift Emporium custom oil pan, exhaust, fuel rail; Stillen headers, supercharger, oil coolers; Flex-a-Lite fans; Haltech E11V2 ECU tuned by R2B2 Motorsports; NGK spark plugs; Aeromotive fuel regulator, fuel pump

Drivetrain: Drift Emporium transmission adapter plate; Tomei Technical Trax two-way limited slip differential; Exedy clutch, flywheel

Suspension: Tanabe coilovers; Drift Emporium custom roll cage

Wheels/Tires: 18x9.5 (front), 18x10.5 (rear) SSR Type-C wheels; BFGoodrich 265/35-18 tires

Brakes: AP Racing big brake kit (6-piston front calipers, 4-piston rear calipers); Goodridge stainless steel braided brake lines

Exterior: AIT body kit, front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper, carbon fiber doors; Buddy Club rear wing; Signal Blue paint by Ultimate Auto Boutique; graphics by FAS Digital

Interior: Buddy Club seats; Drift Emporium door panels, custom dash, custom console

For full article and build description:

All parts and Vendors as mentioned in above article:


Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Tanabe USA
Torrance, CA 90501

AIT Racing
City of Industry, CA 91748


Signal Auto

Buddy Club

Tomei USA


UAB Custom Cars

^^^Drift Emporium based in Buford, Georgia, USA.

Facebook Page:

EDIT: one of the original owners always wanted to build a drift G35, but he passed away before he could do so, Drift Emporium fulfilled that with these twin G35's.

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V35 Skyline sedan with a twin turbo VQ35DETT GT-R spec engine, with an array of other race performance modifications done to the suspension and transmission.

It started out as an automatic 7AT G35x, the "X" means AWD-the ATTESA ETS system, the driver converted it to RWD and switched out the 7AT auto transmission to a 6 speed manual, good move, especially since 6 speed Skylines are getting to be much more rare, especially since Nissan/Infiniti hasn't even released a performance version of the brand new Q60 with 6MT and reduced weight, or whether they will even release such a version as a Nismo or IPL model. Complete mod list below, straight from video description box:

"This car started its life as an all-wheel-drive G35x. After doing the typical bolt-ons, it was time to make more power by completely transforming the cars drivetrain from AWD and automatic to a RWD drivetrain powered by the brand new CD00A 6 Speed transmission. Now that he has removed one of the weaker links of this car, lets see what's to come with this project.

Stock Block VQ35DE
Greddy TD05h-18g Twin Turbo @ 8.5psi
Full AN Oil Feed and Return Conversion
Greddy 4" Front Mount Intercooler
Kinetix Intake Manifold
NWP 76mm Throttle Body
Uprev MAF
Lightweight Crank Pulley
HKS SSQV Blow Off Valve

Uprev Flashed Nissan 5AT ECU

Fuel System:
Injector Dynamics 1000cc
AEM 320 LPH In Tank Fuel Pump
(OEM Returnless Fuel System)

CD00A 6 Speed Transmission
AMS Short Throw Shifter
SPL Solid Trans and Diff Bushings
Nissan R200 VLSD
One Piece Aluminum Driveshaft
SouthBend Stage 3 Clutch
SouthBend Aluminum Flywheel
Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder
One Piece Braided Clutch Line

Wheels and Suspension:
Katana K102
18" x 10.5" with 245/40/18
ARP Extended Studs
StopTech Drilled and Slotted OEM Sized Rotors
Megan Racing 16-way Adjustable Coilovers

Berk Test Pipes (60mm)
Megan V2 Y Pipe (2.5"-3")
3" Straight Pipe

Mishimoto Radiator, Fan Shroud, Thermostat
Oil Cooler

^^^Another excellently modded GT-R spec engine and Skyline: a twin turbo VQ35DE(TT) V35 Skyline GT-R sedan, also built to handle as a drift machine. Mods described in video. Love the V-mount Intercooler and Radiator, Greddy twin turbos making the VQ breathe out 516 HP and 520 TQ. Instagram at @dabsedan

Post-R34 Skyline GT-R's

These epic V35 Skylines deserve some commendatory and awesome '80's Synth Music.

The 80's never left! Time is just an illusion!

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Its begun. The Aftermarket is now beginning its various offerings for the new V37 Skyline GT-R/Q60.

You have to realize, that no matter how you slice it, this Q60 is the TRUEST successor of the R34 Skyline GT-R model. Both are Skyline, both are GT-R specificiation drivetrains and powertrains. The R35 Nissan GT-R was more of a break away model from the R34, and hence a Non-Skyline. Therefore, the R35 GT-R can not be considered the R34's TRUE successor, in terms of being both a Skyline and a GT-R like the R34 and V37 are.

Consequently, this V37 Skyline GT-R is the true successor to the legendary R34 Skyline GT-R, 3 Skyline gens and 15 years later (Skyline lineage: R34--V35--V36--V37; R35 GT-R, Non-Skyline break away model). The last model year for the R34 Skyline GT-R (Z-tune version) was 2002, and although the 2017 Skyline GT-R has been Nissan factory skewed for luxury, the aftermarket is once again appropriately intervening to fix that.

Concept Z performance

Concept Z Performance

JE Pistons, forged pistons for the new VR30DDTT, for even more horsepower and torque gains.

"An engine combination to keep your eye on is the new VR30DDTT mini-GTR. JE Pistons knows this is going to be a popular application and released a new piston line for this Direct Injected engine."

I know there is a mini Cooper, but there is no such thing as a "mini GTR." It's either a GT-R or it's not.

Fast Intentions Cat back and Exhaust system for the new Q60 Skyline GT-R. They took a Silver Sport with 300 HP, added their Cat Back and Exhaust and were able to put out an increased 346 Horsepower!! Just with an exhaust overhaul, that is exciting.

"Fast Intentions is proud to present our Infiniti (Twin Turbo) Q60 Cat Back Exhaust system. A full length video showcasing dyno pulls, detailed dyno chart, start up, fly-by's, cruising, interior feedback and wide open throttle sounds."

Stillen intake system for the Q50 silver sport, Skyline GT-R sedan (300 HP version). I am sure they have one for the coupe as well. It adds an additional 18 HP plus torque increases as well. Combine it with the Fast Intentions exhaust/Cat Back system and you can achieve up to 364 HP over the stock 300 HP. That is +64 HP just with intake and exhaust changes, without even getting into the turbos or engine.

And from Stillen video description: "We are proud to release the pre-order for the Infiniti Q50 3.0t & Infiniti Q60 3.0t STILLEN Intake System! We have completed R&D and are ready to take pre-orders!

For more information on how to pre-order for the Infiniti Q50 3.0t & Infiniti Q60 3.0t STILLEN Intake System please gives us a call at (866) 250-5542, email [email protected], or message us on our website live chat!

Infiniti Q50 3.0t & Infiniti Q60 3.0t STILLEN Intake System

Features and Benefits:
- 17.8 HP Gain (with 300 HP VR30DDTT motor)
- 28.6 TQ Gain (with 300 HP VR30DDTT motor)
- Aluminum Intake Tubes
- Increased Throttle Response
- Polyurethane Heat Shields
- Oiled or Dry Filters

If you would like to know more about the Infiniti Q50 3.0t turbos,
click on the link below."

Like the R34 Skyline GT-R when it was first released, Stillen and Fast Intentions both say that the VR30DDTT engine is under rated from the Nissan factory.

The True R34 Skyline GT-R successor from the Nissan factory (Aftermarket Custom Spec Skyline GT-R's in the V35/G35 and V36/G37 gens were not given GT-R powertrains from the Nissan Factory, and had to be developed through the Aftermarket. This Skyline is GT-R spec straight from the factory, with the Aftermarket possibly being able to help it bring out its powertrain further through secondary modifications--curbweight, aero, transmission, etc).

Don't get me wrong, for me V35 and V36 Skylines with the proper powertrain are every bit Godzilla and GT-R as any other Skyline generation, whether Nissan factory built or aftermarket built, and are also TRUE successors of the R34 Skyline Gt-R in the right of their own heritage. However, this V37 generation coupe and its sedan counterpart are the first Skylines to get GT-R level powertrain and drivetrain technology straight from the Nissan factory. The last Skyline to have an investment of GT-R level tech from Nissan was the R34, and since the R35 GT-R was released and the V35 and V36 gens had no factory turbo builds, it seemed as though Nissan would never again invest such tech back into the Skylines. The V37 gen obviously proved that wrong.

Nissan Factory Reincarnation.

Like the R32, R33, and R34 generations, the V37 generation is the only V Skyline to have factory specifications of all three Skyline model types: GT, GT-T, and GT-R. (for R32 and R33 Skylines, the GT and GT-T models are known to be factory produced as GTS's and GTS-T's).

R30 Skylines had GT and RS models; R31 Skylines had GT, GTS, GTS Turbo models and a GTS-R model.

The V37 gen has a naturally aspirated GT model in its sedan format only, a 200GT-T model, a 300 HP Silver Sport GT-R model, and a 400 HP Red Sport 300GT-R model. The 200 and 300 numeric values come from the engine displacement volumes of the engines, ie 2.0L "200," and 3.0L "300." This numeric scheme has been used in previous gens as well, like the 2.0L L20ET powered C211 2000GT Skyline in the 5th gen, the "2000" represents the 2.0L of the L20 engine. In fact, the C10 Skyline Gt-R was also called the 2000GT-R due to its 2.0L S20 naturally aspirated engine.

The V35 and V36 gens were the R34 gen's Skyline GT successors, but there were no turbo builds to supplement a factory GT-T successor either. Therefore, the V37's single turbo 200GT-T is also revamping this Skyline powertrain as well.

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Modified V37/Q60 PRINCE Skyline GT-R (Infiniti/Nissan)

3 piece FPF wheels

Lowered on Blaque Diamond BD11 wheels

Modified V37/Q50 Skyline GT or GT-R powertrain, mods unknown.

Originally Prince Motor Company.

All Modifications done by New Era Vista body shop out in California; website:

The following article details the above featured Q60: I especially like the rebranding back to Skyline.

New Era Vista for the New Age Skyline GT-R, how fitting.

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Post #239 on Page 16 (link:, there is some information posted regarding the rivalry between the Mazda RX (Rotary Experiment) machines and the Skyline, specifically the Rx-3 vs the 3rd gen C10 Skyline GT-R in the 1970's, and some about the Rx-3's eventual successor the Rx-7.

I had forgotten to mention about the Series 8 Rx-7, specifically the final batch of the Series 8 and most rare factory production Rx-7 ever made; only 1500 total were made. These are also called the Spirit R Rx-7's and each one has a badge inside its engine bay denoting which number out of 1500 it is, ie ----/1500. These Spirit R's are the lightest form of Rx-7 and weigh only about 1260 Kg (2777 lbs) which is about 133 lbs lighter than the heaviest non-Spirit R Rx-7 (excluding the Automatic transmission models).

The Rx-7 comes in 3 generations, and therefore 3 main types of: the FB, FC, and FD.

^^^The Rx7 Spirit R variant. The last of the Rx-7's with certain factory upgrades over the non-Spirit R FD3S Rx7's, including a curb weight that is even lower. If you thought 2910 lbs was light for a car, the Spirit R comes in at an ultra light 2777 lbs straight from the factory making its curb weight a weapon in the realm of racing.

A modded Spirit R FD3S. Spirit R enthusiasts are careful to keep these rare Rx7's as stock as possible, however, the above mod is an exchange of one boosted rotary to another, everything else looks stock, so the mod isn't that bad I guess, and is an improvement from what I gather in the video. However, it is definitely not factory stock anymore, but it's still a Spirit R/custom modified Spirit R FD3S Rx-7.

From video description: "Built by Promaz Automotive, we think it's hard to go past Steve's wicked Series 8 FD RX-7 if rotaries are your game. Limited to around 1500 unit's, the Spirit R was the last of the RX-7's and featured a lot of upgraded factory parts as well as a low 1100kg [2425 lbs] weight.
Now powered by a lethal Promaz triple rotor 20B extend port rotary engine, power is aided by a Garrett GT42R turbo and MicroTech fuel system and transmitted through an Albins 5-speed gearbox and KAAZ rear end [ ].
Get your track gear!"

The Type A Spirit R is a strict 2 seater + 5 speed manual, while the Type B is a 2+2 seater coupled with a 5 speed manual, much like the Skyline coupes and Nissan GT-R. And the Type C is also a 2+2 seater, but with a 4 speed Automatic transmission.

^^^Of the three main types of Rx-7 these are the two: the FC3S (left) and FD3S (right).

^^^^The FC3S Rx-7.

This is where it gets good. A gentleman in Puerto Rico bought an FD3S Rx-7 from an owner in the US. The new owner began to convert a factory Non-Spirit R FD by replacing its specs with that of the Spirit R variant via the resources in the Aftermarket. The following is the conversion of a Non-Spirit R Rx-7 into an Aftermarket Custom built Spirit R FD3S.

And what makes it even sweeter is that Mazda themselves did the same exact thing as the driver above with another singular, originally factory Non-Spirit R Rx-7 and built it to a Spirit R specification aftermarket. This aftermarket Rx-7 Spirit R built by Mazda was the ONLY left hand drive Spirit R in the entire world...until the driver in the above video built one as well. That makes only 2 LHD Spirit R's in the world that we know of.

You can watch the following Motortrend video for a further explanation. Basically an official of Mazda on the US side wanted a Spirit R variant that was LHD for the US market, Spirit R's were meant only for the JDM and hence ALL 1500 were RHD. Mazda of Japan complied with the official's request, and took a USDM LHD already factory built FD3S and applied Spirit R specifications aftermarket, but through the original manufacturer Mazda. And the only LHD Spirit R was born. The man in the above video basically did the same exact thing as Mazda, but as an individual: applying Spirit R specifications to an originally USDM, LHD non-Spirit R Rx-7 FD3S. There is even a custom made Spirit R tag for his engine bay.

Only 2 LHD aftermarket built Spirit R's in the world thus far in knowledge, and now a Grand Total of 1500 + 2 = 1502 Spirit R's in the world.

Another modified originally factory built unit Spirit R. Mod list as found in description:

"This extremely rare car was imported to Sweden by Superior Imports AB Technical manager Martin "Gzon" Gustavsson. Being one hell of a FD3S-entusiast, getting the extremely rare final year special model of the RX-7 was more then a dream for him. This car is the "Type-A" edition with red Recaro carbon/kevlar seats as well.

This example has been maintained in stock mint condition, and only upgraded with top of the line tasteful exterior mods. Specs include:

Volk racing GT-N 9x18" / 10x18"
Cusco Zero-R coilovers
Mazdaspeed short shift
Autoexe 3" exhaust catback
Autoexe front lip
Autoexe side skirts
Autoexe rear skirt
Autoexe wing blade
Ganador Carbonlook side mirrors
Knightsport light kit, modified for EU spec.
LED taillights

See this car make its debut on the Swedish tuning scene at Bilsport Elmia Custom motorshow, 10-13 April 2009. Superior Imports will be there all weekend, visit and contact us if you would like to import your dream JDM-machine..."

"Cause I'm just starting to learn, I've always been chasing ghosts." (The ultimate reality of life)

So according to Mazda themselves, I would say there are two types of Spirit R's: the originally built first 1500 units straight from the Mazda factory, ie Factory Built Units, the ones with the 2777 lbs curb weight; and the Aftermarket Built Units like the retro-converted originally LHD USDM, Non- Spirit R FD3S Rx-7 modified to Spirit R specifications, except probably the curb weight. The retro-fitted Rx-7 built by Mazda into a Spirit R still had the original FD's curb weight of around 2888 lbs, which is still very light compared to other manufacturers.

And a reference to popular Anime culture:

"Redsuns," by sorayarecio of Deviant Art. link to his or her artwork:

Keisuke Takahashi's FD3S RX-7 fighter. From the popular Japanese anime series Initial D, written by Shuichi Shigeno.

^^^Keisuke Takahashi pilots the FD3S RX-7 Type R, while Ryosuke Takahashi pilots the Savanna RX-7 Infini lll FC3S

"Initial D RedSuns (FD & FC)"

by YoJoeLoh of Deviant Art, link:

Ryosuke's "Red Suns" Savanna RX-7 Infini lll FC3S


Engine Name : 13BT
Engine : Rotary
Maximum power : 350 hp / 6500 rev / min
Maximum torque : 32.9 kgm / 4000 rev / min
Displacement : 654 x2 cc
Type : EN (propulsion)
Type : Turbo
Length : 4310 mm
Height : 1270 mm
Width : 1690 mm
Weight : 1200 kg
Transmission : 5MT (5-speed manual transmission)

I know that Mazda and the example above have taken originally Non-Spirit R FD's and retro-converted them to Spirit R configurations, and then also called the new FD's as Spirit R's. However, can you take Spirit R specifications, apply them to the FC, and create a Spirit R in the FC3S RX-7? I believe so, as the FC is technically an Rx-7 of the 2nd generation, the SA and FB of the 1st generation, and the FD being the 3rd generation of Rx-7. Mazda made Spirit R's for only the FD, and introduced an Aftermarket built unit as well. Theoretically then, other Rx-7 generations can also be built to Spirit R specification and be called as such.

The SA/FB, FC, and FD. Three generations of Rx-7. We need aftermarket built units of SA/FB and FC Spirit R Rx-7's; the chassis curb weight for these RX-7's is even lighter than the FD's.

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The first gen Rx-7 was built as a Pure Sports car, and the second gen was steered toward the Sports-Grand Touring direction, luxury sport direction, like what has happened to the Q60 Skyline GT-R of today. According to Wiki, when the FC (2nd gen) came out, the luxury sport trend was popular at the time, and this is reflected in the curb weights of the FC models.

Let's take the Factory RX-7 FD Spirit R's curb weight of 1260 Kg (2777lbs) as the weight we want to be below of.

The lightest FC's were the base models coming in at around 1223 Kg (2696 lbs), which is 81 lbs lighter than the factory built FD Spirit R. You can see the impact of the luxury sport trend of the time as you go to the higher up models of the FC generation. As you get into the FC's turbo rotary models, the curb weight jumps up to about 3,000 lbs, which is 223 lbs heavier than a Spirit R.

Wiki says the FC can go up to 3400 lbs but they haven't listed any specific model, though I did find turbo FC's going up to 3,000 lbs and 2845 lbs on the RX-7 forums:

"1987 Turbo II - Curb weight: 2,845 lb. (The 1987 Mazda brochure lists curb weight as 2,850 lb.)

1991 Turbo - Curb weight: 3,003 lb. (The 1991 Mazda brochure lists curb weight as 2,987 lb.)."

Source: WHAT IS THE EXACT WEIGHT OF A TURBOII fc and a 3rd gen rx7 FD, Which one is heavier -

So you can tell by its curb weight range that the FC was affected by the luxury sport trend of the time, very similar to what is happening to the Skyline today. Just look at the Q60 Skyline GT-R's curb weight of near 4,000 lbs. Look at the G35 and G37 Skyline curb weights compared to their immediate predecessor the R34. The increased weight reflects a decreased focus in racing, sport performance and a heightened interest in luxury by the manufacturer, in turn trying to match trends and interests of the buyer in order to sell their product.

Regardless, these are luxury-sport spec FC curb weights. The base FC being 81 lbs lighter than a factory FD Spirit R, and the heaviest turbo FC, the Series 5, being 223 lbs heavier than a factory FD Spirit R. The Series 4 Turbo FC is only 68 lbs heavier than a factory FD Spirit R. However, if one were to retro-fit a Spirit R configuration to these luxury sport FC Rx-7's, the new configuration may very well give you a chassis that is significantly lighter than a 2777 lb factory Spirit R spec FD.

The SA/FB, first gen Rx-7, was built as a pure sports car, being only 1,000-1,100 kgs, which is about only 2200 lbs and therefore 577 lbs lighter than a factory FD Spirit R. The FC gained about 800 lbs compared to its SA/FB predecessor. Thus, If we take the factory Spirit R's 2777 lbs as the ideal weight, and compare to the factory stock weights of other Rx-7 models, the first gen is about 600 lbs lighter, the FC is approx. 200 lbs heavier, and thus the FC is also about 800 lbs heavier than the first gen SA/FB Rx-7. So you can tell that while the SA/FB and FD were given a higher focus for racing, the FC was skewed for luxury-sports due to its curb weight.

However, a series of Enfini, or Infini, or Infinity FC Rx-7's were also made by Mazda, similar to how a Spirit R version was developed for the FD Rx-7. These Enfini FC's were also made in limited numbers and are also very rare, their curb weights were also significantly reduced compared to non-Infini FC's, with a weight lower than our set ideal of 2777 lbs.

The Enfini logo. It's an infinity symbol within a Mazda badge.

The Enfini FC's were the more sport focused 2nd gen Rx-7 models and were made in limited numbers. Ryosuke Takahashi of the Red Suns from the Initial D anime drives a factory produced Enfini lll FC RX-7.

3rd gen Rx-7's, Series 6 (and possibly other series) FD's were also sold under the Enfini brand and had one of the lightest weight factory FD's: the Type RZ weighing only 1230 kg, which is 2711 lbs, 66 lbs lighter than a factory Spirit R.

The lightest known FD however was a racing spec model made for the Australian racing scene called the Type SP, weighing only 1218 Kg. Only 10 of these were made by popular demand, and used an extensive amount of carbon fiber in its build. This is the best power:weight ratio FD ever made and won Mazda the 12 hour trophy for the 4th time in a row, in the Bathurst 1995 Eastern Creek 12 Hour race. The Bathurst R was released to commemorate this rare FD, although the Bathurst R has a weight of 1280 Kg, 500 units were made for Japan only.

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Factory built R34 Skyline GT-R's with custom modifications.

M spec R34 Skyline GT-R "A short feature on the awesome Nissan Skyline R34 GTR M-spec. Imported by Torque GT in early 2016 this 2001 M-spec was built in-house with the sole purpose of creating a perfect R34 GTR for the street. Punchy & agile with superb stopping power we aimed for serious road presence whilst retaining a comfortable ride. NISMO products were used where possible due to their high build quality and greater potential at retaining this M-spec as an investment for the future. With a mere 366 M-spec models produced this is #001 in Black Pearl to leave the Nissan factory…"

"Sie sind Selten. Sie sind eine Leidenschaft. The GTR - Passion. (They are rare. They are a passion. The GTR - Passion.)"

^^^Top Secret R33 GTS-T Skyline running its factory RB25DET engine; 250HP factory stock.

Mods in video and here: "Nissan Skyline R33 GTST Rb25 running 400bhp. Spec list includes hyrbid turbo, forge front mount, HKS turbo back exhaust, HKS filter, RMS stage 1 tune, JR racing wheels, Tein coilovers, Hicas lockout, Carbon bonnet / boot / light surrounds, T-secret bodykit + more. Includes onboard, exhaust sounds, externals & wheels slips."

370GT IPL Infiniti-Skyline

Should have used the first part of that soundtrack, it sounds absolutely piercing.

here it is introducing the Viper, absolutely chilling.

Side note: The Viper is one of America's best sports cars around. It's power is matched to its handling, and is not just a straight line attacker. The Viper can take corners and dominate a track full of twists and turns. It's naturally aspirated V10 can also be upgraded to a Twin Turbo variant via Hennessy Performance Engineering, or your local trusted mechanic. The Viper ACR with its Aero Package allows for greater down force and better cornering at higher speeds, making the ACR Aero Viper the ultimate American track handler. The TA version being reviewed below may also have a track dedicated Aero package for its model as well.

"Viper Logo Evolution" over the years

These Vipers are ACR's with thier Aero packages. They have the GTS-R paint scheme, especially the White with blue stripes, and are hence known as the 2017 Dodge Viper GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR's.

The Viper is honestly in a class of its own.

V36 Skylines coming in their factory stock GT (250GT, 350GT, 370GT) models and now thanks to aftermarket availability and extensive resources, Aftermarket custom spec Skyline GT-T and GT-R powertrains have also been developed for this generation. Other racing modifications can also be done to bring out and better utilize the GTT or GTR level powertrain: suspension tuning, weight reduction, lowering, etc.

An IPL Skyline converted to a GT-R powertrain (factory VQ37VHR converted to a VQ37VHR-TT) through a GTM twin turbo kit. The Dyno Run was done without a Tune, and the actual Horsepower of this car may very well be above the measured 509HP. Further racing mods to the weight, aerodynamics, and suspension can help to further bring out Godzilla in this newly born aftermarket custom spec Skyline GT-R.

V36 Skyline/Infiniti G37. You decide what it can or can not do. The Nissan factory has already made its decision on how they wanted to build this generation of Skyline. That doesn't mean the customer has to make the same call they did.

Nissan Factory built V Spec ll R34 Skyline GT-R with custom modifications to the body.

Nissan's Omori Factory produced V Spec l

"I Hope You Guys enjoy this video
Don't forget Drop a Like and Subscribe for more,Thanks for watching, cheers

The Nissan Skyline GT-R is a Japanese sports car based on the Nissan Skyline range.

The first cars named "Skyline GT-R" were produced between 1969 and 1972 under the model code KPGC10, and enjoyed legendary success in local Japanese touring car racing. This model was followed by a brief production run of second-generation cars, under model code KPGC110, in 1973. After a 16-year hiatus, the GT-R name was revived in 1989 as the BNRR32 ("R32") Skyline GT-R. This model GT-R proceeded to win the Japanese JTCC Group A series championship four years in a row. The R32 GT-R also had success in the Australian Touring Car Championship helping the R31 Skyline GTS-R to victory in 1990 and winning alone in 1991 and 1992, until a regulation change excluded the GT-R in 1993.

The formidable technology and performance of the R32 GT-R prompted the Australian motoring publication Wheels to nickname the GT-R "Godzilla" in its July 1989 edition.
The Skyline GT-R became the flagship of Nissan performance, showcasing many advanced technologies including the ATTESA E-TS AWD system and the Super-HICAS four-wheel steering. Today, the car is popular for import drag racing, circuit track, time attack and events hosted by tuning magazines. Production of the Skyline GT-R ended in August 2002. The car was replaced by the Nissan GT-R, an all-new vehicle no longer based on the Skyline.

The Skyline GT-R was never manufactured outside Japan, and the sole export markets were Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, in 1991,[3] and the UK (in 1997, thanks to the Single Vehicle Approval scheme[4]) as used Japanese imports. Despite this, the car has become an iconic sports car, including in countries from the Western World (mainly the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, Canada, and the United States).[5][6][7][8] It has become notable through pop culture such as The Fast and the Furious series, Initial D, Shakotan Boogie, Wangan Midnight, Need For Speed series, Driving Emotion Type-S, and Gran Turismo series.

The car was named at the time by BBC's Top Gear as the only true Japanese contribution in the line of supercars,[9] and by Jeremy Clarkson as one of the best cars in the world."

Here is a list of all the Nissan factory built R34 Skyline GT-R's according to Wiki:

"Models: (all ATTESA E-TS Pro AWD)

GT-R – 2.6 L RB26DETT twin-turbo I6, 332 PS (244 kW, 392 Nm) (advertised as 276)[45]
GT-R V新pec – Additional aero parts, brake ventilation ducts, diffuser, ALSD.
GT-R V新pec N1 - V新pec with Blueprinted N1 motor, no A/C, no stereo, no rear wiper, basic interior trim. (only 45 made)
GT-R V新pec II – As V新pec + carbon fibre hood with NACA duct.
GT-R V新pec II N1 – V新pec II with N1 motor, no A/C, no stereo, no rear wiper, basic interior trim. (only 18 made)
GT-R M新pec – Leather interior, softer suspension with "Ripple Control" dampers, heated seats.
GT-R V新pec II Nr – As above V新pec II + N1 motor, 300 km/h speedometer. (only 750 made)
GT-R M新pec Nr – As above M新pec + N1 motor, 300 km/h speedometer. (only 253 made)
GT-R NISMO S-tune- The S-tune was an M新pec but with further modifications to components in the engine block.
GT-R NISMO R-tune- Same as the S-tune, the R-tune was a different style M新pec
GT-R NISMO Z-tune – 2.8 L (bored and stroked) RB26DETT Z2 twin-turbo I6, 500 PS (368 kW, 540 Nm) Z1 and Z2 (Only 20 made)"

R Tune Skyline GT-R R34

The peak of factory produced R34 Skyline GT-R's, the Z-tune. Only 20 made by the Nissan factory. Which means if this one is inside their factory museum, there are only 19 Nismo Z tunes on the streets. Behind the Z-tune, through the glass, is the CRS (Clubman Race Spec) R34 Skyline GT-R and next to it is the Nismo R35 Nissan GT-R. You can also see a Z.

V Spec ll Nur

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Aftermarket built custom V36 Skyline GT-R/G37 Infiniti-Skyline GT-R

"Custom Twin Turbo G37
First time testing on Mickey Thompson 295/45/17
Small pulls were made to get the feel of the car
Tay's Automotive"

^^^Someone mentioned that the now VQ37VHR-TT V6 sounds a lot like an RB Inline 6, it's not surprising since both engines may very well have the same exact ancestor in the Legendary Prince Motor Company L16 6 cylinder engine. Kept as an Inline 6, this L16 was most likely developed into the RB and when structured as a V6, into the VG. The VG eventually became the VE, which in turn was developed into the VQ, and then finally the VR we have today. The last racing spec R34 Skyline GT-R developed by Nissan used a VQ30DETT as its powertrain during the JGTC races. It would seem that both the VQ and RB (and VR) likely have the same ancestor in Prince Motor Company's L16 6 cylinder engine.

The reason Nissan opted for the V6 layout of the VQ was because it was more compact than the RB and could be pushed further back in the engine bay making it easier to obtain optimum weight distribution within the JGTC machine.

Wiki says: "The four-cylinder L series engines were replaced with the Z series and later the CA series, while the six-cylinder L series engines were replaced with the VG series and RB series."

Basically the RB as a V6 is the VQ, and the VQ as a straight six (Inline 6) is the RB. The other major difference is that the RB was used much more extensively for turbo application compared to the V6 engines. The VG V6 and VQ V6 did have factory turbo application (VG30DETT and VQ30DETT) but not as widely used as the RB, which has been used across 4 different Skyline generations. However, today the successor for turbo boosted engines in the Skyline and Nissan GT-R is the V6 variant VR.


Aftermarket built custom spec V35 Skyline GT-T/G35 Infiniti-Skyline GT-T

An FR G37 Skyline and an FF Civic try drifting in the snow, with the FR Skyline performing some smooth drifting to bypass the Civic. FR=Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive; FF=Front Engine, Front Wheel Drive.

V35 Infiniti Skyline and its FR antics. RWD Skyline GT-R's can simply be referred to as the FR Skyline GT-R's: Aftermarket custom built G37's, G35's, and the new 2017 Q60 Nissan factory spec Skyline/Infiniti GT-R RWD model (an Attesa ETS AWD model exists as well).

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Here's more on the most ruthless American car ever built. Straight line, Time Attack, Track, Drift, 6 Speed Manual, track records, naturally aspirated menace or twin turbo monster, muscle car, whatever you want, it's got it.

It has a track record at "13 different race tracks!" Automatic = not faster than 6 speed, bring back the 6 speed Nissan. It actually makes me really sad that Chrysler is planning to discontinue the Viper..they say it's because not enough people are buying them. That's pretty sad, the Viper is one of the absolute best race cars ever made. Hopefully people understand when they become even more rare in the future.

And I thought the V36 and V35 Skylines were the most underrated.

The Viper also has an even 50/50 weight distribution which further helps in cornering and probably drifting as well.

^^^ The science of why the Viper is a master in the art of cornering and why it is even faster around the track compared to a Ferrari 488 GTB, the starting price for which costs twice as much as the Viper. More money does not necessarily equate to better racing quality. EE does mention that Ferrari has a lower coefficient of drag than the Viper, allowing the Ferrari to achieve a top speed of 200 mph while the Viper achieves 177 mph. However, it's the Viper's extreme amount of down force that sacrifices the coefficient of drag and hence higher top speed in exchange for excessively precise cornering ability, which is what allowed the Viper to break track records at 13 different well known tracks.

So you've got 650 HP from a naturally aspirated V10 engine which can be upgraded to twin turbo for even more completely insane power-torque output; it's RWD, 6 Speed Manual, has a light weight chassis, an adjustable Bilstein suspension, and is built to be a cornering specialist. What more could you have asked for in a vehicle? Chrysler/Dodge has created the perfect factory produced racing machine.

Don't let the snake bite you in the butt, because it will.

A nice comprehensive and genuine look at the Viper. The "Snake Strikes Twice" represents the intimate connection between the Viper and its spiritual predecessor the Shelby Cobra. The Cobra and Viper share many parallels in their histories as iconic American cars whose manufacturers (Shelby & Chrysler, respectively) were determined to build pure racing pedigree vehicles. Hence why the Cobra and Viper have also had their share of successes and fame within the realm of motorsports.

Although one is a Dodge/Chrysler and the other a Shelby, two different manufacturers, with Shelby having a partnership with Ford as well, both types of performance cars also share the fact that they are named after two types of predatory and poisonous snakes, reflecting the aggressive and pure race inspired nature of the vehicles. Hence also the name of the documentary the "Snake Strikes Twice." It was actually the vacuum left by the abrupt discontinuance of the Shelby Cobra which played an integral factor to inspire Chrysler to fill that void by creating the Viper and all its iterations today.

1965 Shelby Cobra

1960's Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe

Shelby is an independent car manufacturer and builder founded by Carroll Hall Shelby who created the original Shelby Cobra. The company does partner up with other American manufacturers like Dodge and Ford to further race modify their factory stock cars.

Carroll Shelby partnered up with Chrysler to develop and design the Viper. He was looking for a racing project and Chrysler was looking for one too. Shelby was key in developing the RT-10 and GTS Vipers. You can tell that the GTS Viper takes some design cues from the Shelby Cobra Daytona model.

So it all means the same whether you call it a Dodge Viper, a Chrysler Viper, or a Shelby Viper, the spiritual successor to the original Shelby Cobra. Shelby helped build the Viper since its inception, from the ground up. It was not that Dodge already had a design and Shelby later inputted to it, my impression is that the Viper was built from scratch by both Chrysler and Shelby. And hence why it is the true spiritual successor to the original Cobra. Shelby Mustangs for example are built from already pre-existing Ford Mustang blueprints, while the Viper's initial inceptions and blue prints came from both Shelby and Chrysler together.

Shelby Mustangs are based on Ford Mustangs, hence their design is originally purely Ford, and then performance modified by Shelby. The Viper on the other hand has always been in origin a Shelby-Chrysler undertaking from the beginning. You can't call the Viper's design as first being purely Chrysler/Dodge, because Shelby was always involved with its development since the start. That's why I believe that the Viper is the truest modern day successor to the original Shelby Cobras: ie the Cobra Viper, the snakes strike twice, but both at once.

Shelby modified Mustangs are also called Cobra Mustangs, the Cobra and Shelby names are interchangeable due to the fact that all vehicles with a purely Shelby origin were always called Cobras, and all of the initial and original Cobras have been purely Shelby designed, although with Ford Powertrains.


1996 Viper GTS Coupe

Race prepared Viper GTS-R Coupe

The first debut model, the 1993 RT-10 Viper Roadster. The first original Cobra was also a roadster model.

2016 Viper ACR Coupe with the Extreme Aero Package. 1700 lbs of Down Force.

The ACR coupe in its 25th anniversary GTS-R Commemorative edition.

The documentary did say that Chrylser would never discontinue the building of the Viper series, however, in January 2014 Dodge and Chrysler were bought out by Fiat, an Italian automobile company, and now owns Chrysler and all its iterations such as Jeep, Dodge, and SRT.

Thanks to a quick google search, Fiat now owns the following companies: Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Ferrari, Jeep, Lancia, Maserati, Ram and SRT (with Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and SRT previously falling under the sole ownership of Chrysler, an original American company). I am not sure what happened to Chrysler, sales were probably tanking, profit at an all time low and there was no other way to stay afloat as a brand except by aligning with Fiat in the business sphere of things, and in turn now Fiat has the rights to Chrysler developed vehicles.

It is probably Fiat's call to discontinue the Viper, I am sure if Chrysler was still independent of another manufacturer and the sole owner of the Viper, they would have never discontinued its production. At least according to the closing statements of the above documentary. The Viper is Chrysler's very best foot forward, and according to previous Vice CEO of Chrysler and Chief of design for the Viper, Tom Gale, said that it brought out the best in the company's abilities as a whole and on many levels. Bob Lutz, then CEO, was the one who had the initial idea for Chrysler to develop a worthy racing spec vehicle.

As for the Ford Motor Company they own: Lincoln and a small stake in Mazda. They discontinued the Mercury in 2010. This company is home to the Mustang, and with a partnership with Shelby, have also developed Shelby Mustangs.

General Motors owns: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC. So this is where the Corvette and Camaro come from.

Single Turbo boosted (Shelby) Cobra Viper GTS coupe. The full aero kit should be very beneficial for this type of build. Besides, no one wants to catch a snake flying towards them at high velocity. This time the Cobra has a Chrysler powertrain.

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Viper ACR-X shatters world record at the Miller Motorsports Park by 4 full seconds, a record previously held by a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. The record shattered at Laguna Seca was previously held by the Porsche 918 and McLaren P1.

From video description: "The Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR (American Club Racer) has made history at yet another storied road course.

Renowned Dodge road racer Kuno Wittmer piloted a street legal 2010 Dodge Viper ACR to a record lap of 1:59.995 at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah, on Monday, April 11, breaking the 2-minute mark for the first time in a production car on the 3.048-mile Outer Course configuration. The Viper ACR shattered the previous production car lap record of 2:03.86, held by Jan Magnussen in a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 by close to 4 full seconds.
Dodge Viper ACR
The Dodge Viper ACR remains the ultimate purpose-built, street-legal track car since its introduction in 2008.

Powered by the venerable 8.4-liter, V-10 engine with 600 horsepower and 560 lb.-ft. of torque, the Dodge Viper ACR continues to offer extreme performance, including 0-60 mph acceleration in less than 4 seconds, quarter-mile time in the mid 11-second range and 0-100-0 mph in 11 seconds flat.

The four-wheel independent suspension features high-performance aluminum control arms and knuckles, KW suspension with two-way adjustable competition coil-over shock absorbers with remote reservoirs.

The aerodynamic package features a carbon fiber "fanged" splitter in front and adjustable carbon-fiber wing with seven-position stanchions that allow up to an amazing 1,000 lbs. of downforce at 150 mph. Lightweight wheels, two-piece slotted StopTech brake rotors and Michelin PS Cup tires round out the ACR package.

For the 2010 model year, the Dodge Viper ACR received a shorter fifth gear ratio (changing from 0.74 to 0.80) for improved high-speed acceleration and higher straightaway speeds. A new short-throw shifter also came in 2010 models for enhanced driver experience and better performance. The rear wing profile and end plates were also redesigned to further optimize the vehicle aerodynamics and improve rear yaw downforce. These changes resulted in an increase in top speed of 4 mph (to 184 mph)."

The Generation 5 Viper is a GTS model, its racing counterpart is called the ACR (American Club Racer), previous GTS racing models were called Viper GTS-R's; basically a Gen 5 GTS ACR is a GTS-R in other words. The Gen 5 Commemorative GTS ACR's are basically reintroducing the previous gen paint scheme and badging as GTS-R's instead of as ACR's.

Muscle and Mopar combines with Tuning. Dyno runs for a Twin Turbo Viper.

Tuning a naturally aspirated Viper with different ECU's.

"Published on Aug 18, 2014
2008 SRT Viper ACR-Xc
Instagram: tooblueracing
Twitter: tooblueracing

Engine Modifications:
- 11:1 Forged Pistons & Forged Rods
- Balanced & Blueprinted Rotating Assembly
- Gen 5 Cam
- Gen 5 Intake
- BBG Ported Heads
- 1-3/4" M&M Headers
- 3" SS Custom Exhaust (Single Muffler/No Cats)

Blended = 1-part 104 octane race gas, 2-parts 93 octane unleaded

Tuner (Remote):
Torrie McPhail
Unleashed Tuning- Horsepower is easy, traction is the real problem!

Dynojet 248 - SAE Corrected
PUR Performance
3725 Harry S Truman Blvd
St Charles, MO 63301"

Racing the Cobra Viper; these are 4th gen Vipers:

For Shelby's last true original Cobra, the Viper; and all the work he has done throughout his life as a racing performance modifier. Unfortunately, Mr. Shelby passed away in 2012 due to a long standing heart ailment, for which he used to keep nitroglycerin pills at hand while racing, taking about 3-4 pills during a race in some instances. Whole new meaning of "nitro" boost, that ladies and gentleman is called dedication to the passion. And also honorable mentions to other racing modifiers no longer with us: Paul Walker (popularized the Japanese tuning scene on a much larger scale through his movies and passion for these cars); and JR Rocha, developed one of the best custom built G37 Skyline GT-R's through High End Performance and won the SEMA award for inclusion of his car in Gran Turismo. And any others I might have missed.

I mean this is the last Cobra and Viper to be made, and especially since Fiat is discontinuing its production and development. This is what pretty much happened to the Skyline GT-R models after Nissan separated out the R35 from the Skyline. Nissan itself has not only discontinued the Skyline GT-R nomenclature and departure from pure sport Skylines, but is also replacing the Skyline brand altogether as Infiniti. However, if we know the lineage and succession of Skyline generations, the enthusiast will always be able to identify the Skyline and its GT-R and GT-T iterations.

Here are some great, insightful, and interesting interviews with Carroll Shelby in his own words. And guess what you'll learn: just like the Skyline, the Mustang started off as a sedan, whether luxury or not I am not sure. Ford took their Mustang sedan to Shelby and asked him to help them performance modify it, and Shelby turned it into a coupe for racing purposes. Hence, Ford's original Mustang design was further modified for racing application, including tires, suspension, etc. Although you can thank Shelby for today's sport focused Mustangs, the Mustang design was still originally a purely Ford one inputted with Shelby racing mechanics.

Ford later just adopted Shelby's 2 door coupe design and never seem to have returned to a sedan 4 door Mustang. All Mustang's after Shelby's intervention were coupes with more or less a sport focus. Ford would again in the 2000's re-partner up with Shelby American to again performance modify the Mustang. There are about 3 gens of Shelby Mustangs throughout the years.

The original Mustang design was that of a 4 door sedan. Carroll Shelby made the call for it to switch to a coupe when Ford asked for a sportier version. Ford has been using the 2 door design since.

It seems that General Motor's Chevrolet (Corvette and Camaro) have always been race modified independent of Shelby America, through GM only, while Ford and Dodge have often collaborated with Shelby. The doc says that Chevy did give a couple Corvettes to Shelby to modify, but pulled them back, then Shelby helped Ford mod the Mustang and sure enough the new Shelby Mustang blew the Vette out of the water. Of course pressure like this from Shelby performance further encouraged GM to develop better race modified vehicles. Like Ford later on, Chevy did not want the Shelby name to overshadow their own brand, and decided to self develop their vehicles.

^^^Toward the end of this interview you'll hear Shelby say that the Viper really is the truest successor of the Cobra today, rather that the Viper is a Cobra. Two snake strikes in a single go.

^^^If Nissan or major Japanese tuners did not want to race modify the G35 and G37 Skylines, they should have licensed a few to Carroll Shelby. People have done a great job individually race modifying their Skylines too though. Very impressive work out there.

In the documentary it says that he also realized that turbo chargers, superchargers etc, were a good substitute for increasing the CC of the engine, ie instead of going with naturally aspirated V8's or V10's. That's why twin turbo charged R34's etc can keep up with these higher CC NA engines. He introduced turbocharged variants to Dodge's line up at the time when they wanted to performance modify some of their models. I am sure he would have switched his style to the traditional forced induction power route of the 6 cylinder engine Skylines, if given the opportunity to race modify the V35 and V36 Skylines via Nissan.

Would I have bought a Shelby American developed V35 or V36 twin turbo built VQ Skyline GT-R? HECK YEAH I would! Combining the legendary Skyline pedigree with the racing mechanics of a legendary American racing could not have gotten any better than that. MAN! Only if Nissan licensed Shelby to build Skyline GT-R models for them since they didn't want to. The IPL and Nismo 350GT Nissan put out aren't bad, but no turbo builds or GT-T, GT-R powertrains. It is only left to the imagination how beastly Shelby would have built these Skylines.

EDIT: I am not sure whether Ford approached Shelby for modding the Mustang, or if Shelby approached Ford after Chevy/GM pulled back their Corvettes, either or, it was him that turned the Mustang into a Sport Coupe. And I am not sure whether the Mustang was modified before or after the GT40 race car which won an international race in Italy if I am not mistaken. The headlines read "Shelby Wins," instead of "Ford Wins," since the powertrain was still Ford, although Shelby racing modified. This is when Ford started to pull back from Shelby, to prevent being overshadowed in the car industry.

If you need further clarification please watch the documentaries or other similar videos for more information, I simply wrote the take home message and what stood out to me the most.

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"you are just one of the lost souls." nice to just sit and vibe to with Spirit R virtual drifting. Thanks to Xmartinigaming and song artist.

"Religion" is what greedy men want you to believe, spirituality is the true essence. Since he's singing about "lost souls.." The most "religious" are perhaps, in reality the most lost.

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