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What Car(s) Did You Own Before Your G

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1996 Range Rover 4.6 HSE (Dad's but I used it most of the time)

1998 Mitsubishi Galant ES - Riced to death, Wings West everything

1999 Civic EX - Had SI Everything, got stolen before I could do LS Vtec swap

2000 Integra Type R - Stolen within 2 weeks

2003 Civic SI - EP3, K20A2 Swap, Buddy Club Body Kit, Spoon Exhaust, Volk GT7's in Black, Tein SS Coilovers, Type R headlights, Carbon Hood, Stop Tech BBK, Type R Wing. My First JDM everything Car.

2005 STi - Black, Version 8 Swap, Project Mu Rotors and Pads, JIC FLT A2 Coilovers, Cusco Sway, Lat Links, Control Arms, Seibon C-West Carbon Hood, APR Carbon Mirrors, ATS Twin disc carbon clutch, Invidia G200 Exhaust, TurboXS FMIC, Tial BOV, Agency Power GT35 Turbo kit (modeled and designed on my car as test vehicle) Volk CE28 Back Edition 18x10 Squared, AME Tracers 18x9 Squared in Black, Work XD9's powdercoated in Jade Green 18x10 Squared. Ecutek Tuned 481 HP, 533 TQ

2003 E39 - B&G Coilovers, M6 Replica Wheels 19x8.5/19x9.5, Remus Muffler, Projector headlights (ebay)

2009 335I Vert - White, Red Interior , Ebay Carbon M-Tech Lip, AfE Intakes, H&R Springs, Work Meister 3P 19x10/19x11.5 (sold within 18 months)

2011 G37XS (Present) - In progess, had the car for 3 years, was going to leave stock and now decided to build it, I'll post pics when she's presentable in April. Right now.
MW - Midnight grille, 3K HID Fogs, Diode 6k Low Beams, Roof Painted gloss black(soon to be satin) Satin Black mirror covers vinyled, anodized purple duck feet.

Not installed - AG M310's 19x9.5/19x11 (powdercoated) S-tech RWD springs, Factory sport lip, Kinetic Camber kit, HKS rear section, EZ splitter side skirts, New Rear shocks (kyb), GTR hood vents
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I haven't owned many before my X and the ones I have owned are not near as cool as the rest of you guys with your performance cars, but here we go:

First car: 1997 Isuzu Hombre 5 spd. Great little pickup to learn on for a first vehicle.

2000 Ford Ranger: Bought because I wanted to be done shifting and also have 4wd available for my MN winters. owned for half a year and realized I don't need it as I never hauled anything and could get better mileage with a small car.

2003 Saturn Ion 5 spd: Bought 5 years ago right after the ranger with 165k on the clock. Its now at 240k and still running strong. I bought it as it was really cool to have a 5 spd little car that got great mileage and also has cool suicide doors!!! Currently trying to sell.............

2013 G37x Sedan: bought 2 days ago in Cleveland Ohio from a guy that listed it on the G's for sale here in the forums. Flew out and drove it back to MN. Best 12 hour test drive I have ever had!!!!
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I've been an import guy (most) of my life and usually Nissans. Between me and my wife we've had the following cars:

My first (my Dad's) 1982 Chevrolet S-10 4-speed
My Wife's first car (her Dad's) - 1984 Nissan Stanza 5-speed
My First actual car - 1993 Ford Escort LX-E 5 speed (Really a Mazda Protégé) (Drove 21k)
Her first Actual Car - 1989 Nissan Sentra 5 speed (Zero Options)
My First Sports Car - 1993 Ford Mustang GT 5-speed (Drove 29k)
First semi-practical car - 1995 Nissan 200SX SE-R 5-speed (Drove 128k)
Wife's First car she paid for - 1994 Saturn SL2 - 5-speed (Drove 80ish-k)
1st Married Purchase (and first used) - 1995 Nissan Maxima - 5-speed (Bought at 24k, gave to Brother in law at 190k, he drove to at least 250k)
(me)2003 Honda CR-V EX 5-speed (Totaled at 31k)
(me) 2004 Infiniti G35 Sedan 6MT - Bought with 55k, sold at 141k
(Wife) 2006 Honda Odyssey EX-L (First automatic) (Bought at 33k, sold at 140k) - Giant POS
(Wife) 2010 Lexus RX 350 (Bought with 60k)
(Me) 2011 Infiniti G37S Sedan 6MT - Bought with 32k on it

As you can see...I've never had an automatic transmission car, and my wife is only on her second. SAVE THE MANUALS!!!
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1995 maxima vq35de frankenstein swap (still have)
1986 bmw 325e sedan with an m20b25 swap (sold)
1990 civic hatch jdm b16a1 swap (still have(and it's for sale))

And now a 2011 G37X sedan
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1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera
1997 Dodge Intrepid (modded with an intake lol)
2004 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V (started with bolt-ons, eventually went turbo)
1995 Ford Ranger (winter car while the Sentra was constantly worked on)
2005 Saab 9-2x "Saabaru" (full bolt-ons, tune, hybrid motor)
2012 VW GTI
2011 Nissan Maxima
2012 G37xS
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2005 Toyota Corolla Sport 1.8L - drove until (started with 65K) 123K then got rid of since it was too small

2010 Dodge Charger SXT 3.5L - got rid of after trans was slipping

2012 Kia Optima SX 2.0T - engine blew, got it fixed then totaled in accident

**CURRENT** 2013 Infiniti G37x 3.7L - love this bad boy, modded with stillen gen3 cai and stillen catback exhaust and vinyl wrapped in matte brilliant blue metallic

**FUTURE** Infiniti Q50 RS400, Infiniti Q70S, Lexus IS, Porsche Panamera, Alfa Romeo Giulia, BMW 440i GC - I know a lot of choices lol
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1998 Mustang Cobra (gas mileage was killing me)
2004 Acura RSX Type S (Totaled by EX girlfriend)
1999 Honda civic ex (kept for 6 years throughout college)

and now I have my 2012 G37S
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1998 2.5RS with a built motor and nitrous for drag racing

2002 WRX with about $25k in mods for track days

2010 STI with $10k in mods that was faster than the WRX

2011 370Z that only saw the track once

2012 Leaf lease for driving around town

2005 E46 M3 2nd owner with only 40k miles

2014 Evo X- last year with Recaro seats and it ran circles around my Subarus on track

2013 G37S 6spd. I picked up with 18k miles about 2 1/2 years ago




M3 or ATS-V

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