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11-27-2009 until 12-28-2020
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Posting Rules

Here at MyG37 we like to keep things organized. In order to achieve this, here are some rules to be followed.

1. Any posts pertaining to a specific topic, please post in that section.
Any post that is in the wrong section will be moved without notice.

2. Do not post a "for sale" message of any type on any forum other than the Classifieds. Post will be removed without notice.

3. If you have a problem/comment with a dealership, please post in your regional section.

4. If you have a problem/comment with a seller, please post in the Buyer’s Feedback section.

5. We do not condone ANY STREET RACING, HIGH SPEEDS or UNSAFE DRIVING on public roads!
As such, any and all videos, pictures or discussions relating to the above will be deleted without notice.
Repeat offenders, will be banned.

MyG37 wholeheartedly supports "taking it to the track".
If your topic is track related, you may post it.

6. If any member has a problem with another member being racist, disrespectful, or making any of these posts or claims,
PM any of the MODS or ADMINS. This will result in the member being issued an infraction.
Multiple infractions will result in an automatic ban without notice.

7. Before posting, use the search function.

8. Any post that involves name calling (regardless of who started it) will result in the members being issued an infraction. Multiple infractions will result in an automatic ban without notice.

9. Don't be a jerk. This is very simple. If your post contributes nothing but negativity, it will most likely be removed.
If you are a repeat offender, you will be banned.

10. Navigation / Video Bypass Hack Threads are Not Allowed, they will be removed without notice - For additional details Please Read

11. Copyright - Soliciting of paid for services and subscriptions are not allowed on this forum.
For example; The Carfax EULA'S specifically address the issue of one subscription, one user.
We have been asked (by Carfax) in the past to remove such request.

12. Teaser threads are not accepted on the forums, a thread stating that an order was placed and being expected soon is also considered a teaser and hence will not be allowed either. So unless there's a review of the spoken item or actual pictures revealing it, then please do not post it.

As always, we do not tolerate post-whoring. This should be a given, but don't be surprised if your post count is clipped for this activity.

Hopefully, this will help resolve most of the posting problems we have.

If you have any comments or you feel that we missed anything regarding any of these rules,
please PM a staff member or post a thread in Forum Feedback & Suggestions .

Thanks, have fun and remember don't take it personal.
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