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My first build ever r r r

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My first build ever r r r

Hey everyone, my name is Seyha (say-ha).

A little backstory-

I live in Stockton, CA currently living with my family, and just started college a year ago. For a long time I've always wanted a g or z. Funny though I was into 370's first and more because of their aggressive design but thought g's were nice too. As time flew by it was time for me to get my own car. So I thought long and hard and the g had actually grew on me a LOT. I also thought the 370z had a more sportier look than luxury and the g37 had a nice mix between the two plus a little more on the luxury side. At the time I was going to be commuting an hour back and forth so I got the 7AT. Now I'm done commuting and back in town and wished I had an IPL lmao. Anyways, another thing I thought about was my friends. I would be so irritated if I wanted to go somewhere with my friends but could only carry one passenger lol.

So, the G won me.

Anyways, I hope you guys like pictures because this is gonna be picture heavy..

August 12, 2017-

First purchased, 2013 G37 Journey Coupe 19,000 miles with 5 year warranty. Everything completely stock and in good condition.

The only thing I could find were curb rash and minor scuffs on all the wheels so it was either to powdercoat these in gloss black or new wheels. I also found quite a few door chips, I guess the previous owner just slammed his door open every time because there's quite a bit. I've been meaning to get this fixed because it really bugs me but haven't had time to bring it in for a quote. These are just a few spots..

So my first mod or so I got was a viper remote start/alarm. I've always been fond of remote starts. It just amazes me how you can start a car from a remote haha. I opted for the most expensive option only because the installer gave me a good deal including installation. So I can lock, unlock, and remote start my car within a range of 1 mile and my viper fob confirms it with whatever function I click.

Next I did a complete DD interior and exterior conversion to 6000k lights and they change the way the whole car looks inside and out. My low/high beams were the only morimoto's because DD didn't have what I wanted. For my foglights I installed DD's rgb led lights and they are really cool feature to have until I convert them to HID's. I only drive with them on at night because led's aren't the brightest. (I will upload a video here when I have time)

My tires needed to be replaced so I opted for the as/3 + and night and day difference from the stock bridgestones. Later on in this thread, I regretted this choice though lol.

October 2017

As for most everyone else, the car was too quiet for me and I wanted to do something. I wanted some sound right away but didn't want to go cheap and just get a muffler delete. Although it probably would've sounded great, I bought fast intentions rhfc to boost the sound. From 1-10 (1 being stock) I would say the cats boosted it to a 2 lol. But hey, it's a start.. (I'll try and get a video before/after)

Next, the car needed some lowww and the front wheel gap was atrocious to me, rear looked okay.

For the meantime I wanted the mildest drop so I went with eibach springs. My buddy helped with the fronts (pita) while I did the rears.

It looked good, and got rid of the front gap I didn't want

November 2017

After doing a LOT of exhaust homework, I wanted thee loudest and most exotic sounding exhaust so I decided I was going to go with Meisterschaft. During this time I was looking at an amuse powerhouse listing in the classifieds and thought it'd be a nice rare piece to have but I knew it wasn't going to be as loud as Meisterschaft. At first I thought the split tips were weird but once I put them on I fell in love with them. I saved up just enough for the axleback and was going to buy the mid section later on. It was easy enough to install myself and oh my god it sounded amazing when I started it up and couldn't wait to get my midpipe.

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December 2017

I told everyone I was going to keep the car stock for quite a bit before modding it... Almost 4 months and gosh what have I done. I had said I wanted to keep the car's clean look for awhile before I wanted to tint it.

You probably guessed it.

I went with 3M color stable 35% all around including the windshield and it looked baddassss. Unfortunately, although it looked badass, I wished I would've gone 50% on the windshield. I removed the front windshield tint that same night just because of how gangster dark it looked because I could definitely tell it was tinted and didn't want to get pulled over anytime soon.

In the video you can see a glimpse in the beginning of how dark it looked and some pictures comparing it to my aunt's charger whose windshield isn't tinted. (my brother was in the passenger seat in the second picture to justify how dark it was)

Oh and I got a roof wrap in gloss black, they forgot to wrap my damn antenna

Next I stumbled upon my custom GTR button that I had purchased from Gabe in the classifieds. I've always seen in pictures, people's gtr button but I was like, Why would you want a GTR button just because it's red?

Haha, I installed it and I gotta say my car feels as fast as a GTR now and I think everyone should have this mod

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January 2018

I never liked the glazed map lenses for our car but it was whatever until I found out that the gtr had clear map lenses so I swapped those and they look 10x better.

Back in December I wrapped a little bit of my interior with some 3m carbon fiber brand and thought they were cool and all until I found that some carbon fiber vinyls from ebay looked better than 3m. So I removed the 3m ones and rewrapped with the ebay ones and they look like the real thing. I still need to re-wrap driver side door but hadn't had a chance. (first two pics are ebay cf and 3rd picture is 3m cf)

Although, it turns out I am going to have to re-wrap everything AGAIN because I didn't stretch out the vinyl properly before applying. Luckily I didn't do the driver side door yet.
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February 2018

So remember I said I was either going to powdercoat my stock wheels gloss black or get new wheels? Well, I don't wtf I was thinking when I said powdercoating them gloss black. I have always been a fan of "black wheels on everything" but now I am slowly growing away from it because I am finally realizing how the black hides the detail of the wheels. AND powdercoating my stocks could've been going towards my new wheels!

I bought a set of matte black es2's to give my car a little more sporty look to it.


19x9.5 +22

Now, I did go with black.. but the wheel doesn't have that many spokes. I bought the red spoke decals to help it stand out and match with my tailight and tbh, I love the look.

Before mounting the wheels, I prepped it with Dr Beasley's Matte Wheel Seal so that I could easily clean any brake dust off and help prevent any etching, pitting, all that good stuff.

Now, time to finally mount them..bye bye stock look

Fitment looked pretty damn flush to me

What's funny is that I have a one finger gap all around and after seeing the wheels mounted, I now want to get rid of that finger gap. So when I have the bank account for it I will switch over to coilovers

Anyways, I had these mounted on my old tires because I literally just got new tires in August and the tech said that I had like a 90% tread left so that's a good thing.

Bad thing is the tires are stock size so the fronts are pretty stretched and when I drive on the freeway to work it is not as comfortable as what I had before. The rears are fine but soon I'm going to call and see if they do trade-ins where I can trade in my current tires for a discount on a different size since they have a lot of tread left on them. idk, if not guess I'll just have to deal with them. Oh and another thing is the as/3+ are long lasting tires and I am not an aggressive driver so it is going to be awhile until I need new ones.. here is a picture of the stretch

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Before I continue I just wanted to comment on the wheel seal. It works perfect and I regret not doing the inner wheel barrow because when I checked out the wheels after a week, there was barely any dust on the face and lip of the wheel. If any, it wiped right off. The inner wheel barrow had accumulated so much brake dust AND it was a little hard to wipe off.

So I've been having an ak v2 diffuser sitting in my room for almost a month because I've hadn't found time but that time finally came. Looked amazing in the sun..

I had no trouble installing it yesterday with my brother except this little thing. I didn't bother fixing it because it is a body kit and body kits are made aftermarket. I also noticed other g members v2 diffusers showing some of the car on that part too so I guess it was an exceptional fitment. Won't bother me much since I won't be looking at it up close all day long.


After putting that on, the chrome starting bothering me now.

I love the chrome but I hate it because it's chrome, if that makes sense.

I'm still deciding on what to do with it because it doesn't look good with the scheme I'm going for. For the front I plan on getting a midnight grill to reduce some of the chrome on the front. To correct the rear I was thinking to finish the antenna in black and get a cf roof spoiler, wrapping the chrome lip white to color match and removing the "infiniti" emblems. idk, I just feel like this car has a lot of chrome lol

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Nice job on the build thread, like the mods you've put together and G is looking good! Like all the details along the way and a good tool for others to see. Only real ding I can see is the front tire stretch, but easily solved when those get worn out. And those new wheels really show off the base brakes, a BBK would really pop back there
The Tein Basis Z coils are affordable and can get rid of the last bit of gap you have is budget is a concern.
Look forward to more, and thanks for the well done start to this thread!
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I just noticed those awful brakes today too haha.
And thanks those sound like a great idea hmm
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G is looking good and you've done a lot in the short time that you've had it. nice job!
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