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Reset Flashing Supplement Air Bag Warning Light

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Any idea where I can find those little black clips or a part number? Just called one stealership and despite 4 times trying to explain them and offering to send a photo, they were just ignorant and said they don't sell those.

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Found them here!! - p/n 1612119-1 squib connector
Check Distributor Inventory - TE

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This work perfectly. Thx BB.

Originally Posted by Black Betty View Post
Hooray! I have
been looking at that airbag light for a very long time since I removed my front seats to clean the carpet ages ago. It's been on ever since then and is amazingly annoying. I just saw this thread for the first time and was able to use the instructions to get it to turn off. Thanks a million.

However the instructions could use a little bit of clarification. I found them at the link provided in the first post and they are a little more specific about a couple things that I think makes a difference.

1. Turn the ignition from off to on (it is not necessary to start the car, keep your foot off of the clutch or brake) You'll need to press the start button twice quickly in succession to do this.

2. Watch the airbag light closely with your finger on the start button. It will stay on for a few seconds. As soon as it blinks off (the start of the flashing), immediately press the button to turn off the ignition. Turning it off immediately after it goes dark and before the first flash is important.

3. Count to 5 (1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi . . . .)

4. Repeat steps 1-3 two more times until you have done the cycle three times.

5. Now on the 4th cycle, turn the ignition on and watch the light. It will start blinking in a different, much slower manner. This is diagnostic mode. You can watch this for a little while, no hurry.

6. Now turn the key off again, Count to 5 like in step 3 again, and turn back on. If the procedure worked, the airbag light will not be flashing. If not, wait about one minute and then begin the procedure all over again try it again until it does work.

Now in the stickies.
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mine reset but came on again. does anyone know if it Blink slow 1 time and fast 2 time means?
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This reset technique just helped me today 4 years after the OP. Much appreciated!

I triggered the blinking airbag light after I was replacing the satellite radio antenna and had a bunch of radio connectors unhooked in the process. BTW, I didn't have to go through the fast blink/slow blink thing, I just did the ignition on/off thing 4 times, then started the car and the light went out. Quick and easy.

Many thanks!!
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Smile It worked

Originally Posted by EmoPrairieDog View Post
Is this flashing for you?

Hoping to save others some time..Didn't see any other threads on this..
This worked on my 2009 G37S 6MT

Repeat the following steps 3 or 4 times.
  1. Turn the ignition to ON (not to acc and no need to start the engine)
  2. Wait 7 seconds until the air bag light goes out and immediately turn the ignition off ( You have 1 second to turn it off)
  3. Wait 3 seconds before repeating
Voila! However, if your light continues to blink or maintains solidly lit, then you might want to see your dealer or diagnose further.. My case was the following:

The other day I was running some wiring and left one of the related harnesses unplugged and had turned back on the power which caused the supplemental air bag warning light to start flashing. Very annoying. I found about six ways to "fix" this online ranging from random things with the doors, starting the engine in a certain sequence, removing the negative terminal cable ..etc ...but the steps I listed above are the only ones that actually reset it for me.

The true credit for this information here: Nissan Air Bag Resetting |
OMG you are so awesome, it really worked I am so grateful.
Thank you
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opacheco (07-14-2015)
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Works on 2012 g37x?

Hate to be oddly specific, but can anyone confirm this method works on a 2012 g37x? I've tried it many times and the flash doesn't go away. I can get diagnostic mode, but it doesn't reset. Being that it started when my battery went bad (just got it replaced), I don't think it's an actual airbag issue. But who knows?
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Worked perfectly! Thanks!
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Worked for me, thanks!
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Worked like a charm! Stealership wanted $125 to do the same thing!
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